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12th January 2023 | by Naveen M

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Korean film and television industry (Hallyuwood) has a huge influence on world cinema and the entertainment industry. This is obviously because of the quality creations they have contributed in recent times. The rise of K-pop also plays a big role in the popularity of K-dramas. If you binge a lot and haven’t tried K-dramas, you must give it a try. Some of the best Korean series that can be binged are listed below, select one and start watching.

Each of the series mentioned below is of different genres so you will definitely find your match. Also, all of the series listed below will be available on familiar platforms like Netflix or Rakuten Viki. If you think you will be watching K dramas a lot, for the long haul, Rakuten Viki will be an ideal place to find all Korean content.

Beyond Evil.

A Psychological thriller drama that revolves around a serial murder case which is dealt by two policemen who have their own history. Available both on Netflix and Rakuten Viki, this series is a great Korean thriller drama to binge.

No. of seasons: 1; No of episodes: 16.

Watch on Netflix.

Law School.

A Legal drama that concentrates on how a serious issue, that occurs in a law school, is taken care of by a law professor and his students. All episodes are 1 hour long but suitable for a binge marathon.

No. of seasons: 1 ; No of episodes: 16.

Watch on Netflix.

Sell Your Haunted House.

A humorous fantasy television series which is getting a lot of good reviews across audiences. Moreover, this series is one of the latest releases in this list that can be binge watched.

No. of seasons: 1 ; No of episodes: 16.

Watch on Rakuten Viki.


Written by Baek Mi-kyung, this Mystery thriller drama shows how two women who try to come out of their large shell explore their lives.

No. of seasons: 1 ; No of episodes: 16.

Watch on Netflix.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

A romantic and exciting k-drama which was in the list “The Best International Shows of 2020” on The New York Times. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is a must-watch if you are in the mood to binge a series packed with feelings.

No. of seasons: 1 ; No of episodes: 16.

Watch on Netflix.

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