Easy Fix to Google Assistant When it is Not Working – How to

24th June 2024 | by Naveen M

Fix your Google Assistant When it is Not Working with this simple steps
We all know Google Assistant can perform very well and with its assistance we can activate various tasks. Very rarely they do not respond to our voice commands or stop accepting them. If you are facing a similar problem with Google Assistant, this article will tell you what to do.

We are going to look at three fixes that can be used to make your Google Assistant get back on track. Before we get into the main problems which have to be dealt with, make sure you try the simple fixes. Check the following before to implement the solutions given later.

  • Check the microphone on your device.
  • Turn off the Battery saver mode if it is on.
  • Look if the Google app is up to date.
  • Check Internet connectivity.
  • Try deleting user data and cache from the Google App.

The above given list might sound elementary but make sure you go through them first. After all the points mentioned above are checked, try the fixes below.

Check if “Ok Google” is enabled

This is basic. “OK Google” has to be enabled if you want your Google assistant to respond to your voice commands.

  • Launch the Google app on your device.
  • Inside the More option (3 dots/3 lines) tap on Settings.
  • Select the Voice option.
  • Enable the Access with Voice Match and Unlock with Voice Match options.
  • Try using voice commands now.

Still not working? Try retraining your voice model.

Retrain the “Ok Google” voice model

Sometimes Google Assistant would find it hard to understand you. The voice model is used to recognize the voice input users give and it has to be convincing the Google assistant to respond. Hence, corruption of voice models can also lead to problems while using commands. Use the following steps and retrain your assistant.

  • Launch the Google app and tap on More.
  • Get into Settings and select Voice.
  • Choose the Retrain voice model option and enter the PIN.
  • Agree to the terms on the next page.
  • Give your voice to the indicated phrases when shown.
  • After the process is finished successfully, Tap Finish.

Try using any command after completing the retraining of the voice model. In case the trouble with Google assistant persists you might have to try the next solution. Google needs all the required permissions to work at its best so use the fix given below.

Turn on all Permissions

Google’s smart assistance needs the access of different important systems. If any one of them is denied the response will be different or no response is shown. Enabling all the permissions is the key to let Google Assistant work great. Use the steps below and find if any permission is disabled.

  • Unlock your phone and open the Settings app.
  • Choose Apps & notifications and reach the list of apps on the device.
  • Select the Google app from the list.
  • Select permissions and reach the next page.
  • Make sure all the permissions are enabled, else do it.

Try using the basic voice commands now and everything must work alright. The three major fixes discussed above must make Google Assistant work well, if they don’t the problem is with your phone. Rebooting your phone can be the only solution if nothing works. Also recheck the list of simple sets of mistakes that are mentioned in the beginning of the article.

You can visit Google Assistant Help to get more better and clear guidance. If you don’t find your problem mentioned there, use the Describe your issue search box and type your problem.


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