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10th April 2024 | by Naveen M

The Best Browsers for iPhone that you must try - Safari Alternative - privacy browsers

Apple users are given Safari as the default browser in their iOS ecosystem. Though Safari is simple and efficient, it is always good to have some good browser apps as options. Having an alternative browser like Chrome on iOS smartphones is very normal and most Apple users do it. The latest iOS updates for iPhones allowed users to change their default browser and this is another reason to know what options are available in the App Store. This article will help you find a good alternative to the Safari browser. Also, hang on till the end to find a bonus tip on how the default browser can be changed on iPhone.

The list of apps given below are the top-performing browser apps available on App Store. They are all safe, fast, and capable of giving good results so select one of them and download it using the respective links given below each of them.

Google Chrome

Chrome - the google browser

Google Chrome is the widely used substitute to Safari by Apple users around the world. This is easily because of the quality of results and friendly user interface that people love. All the latest Chrome features on iPhone and iPad are very useful on a daily basis and it makes browsing faster. The app has regular updates that fix bugs and other security concerns hence Google Chrome can be considered as a default browser over Safari anytime. Before you download, check the “Data Linked to You” section inside the App Store so that you will not share any data without your consent.

Firefox: Private Safe Browser

Mozilla Firefox - Best browser of all time

Firefox is another famous and safe browser available as an option for iPhone and iPad users. The app concentrates more on privacy and safety so data leaks and security breaches are almost impossible. The app is backed by a non-profit organization and this does not affect anything with the experience while using the app. No important data of the users are linked to the app and this is great for a browser app. The speed is good and results are intelligent so using this as an alternative to Safari is suggested. There are many other features that will impress you, know about them inside the App Store.

DuckDuckGo Privacy -Browser

DuckDuckGo - The privacy Browser

If you want to protect your data and maintain high level privacy online then DuckDuckGo is the app you should download on your iPhone. The tracker blocking, strong encryption, and private search option helps in leaving zero trace of the user while surfing through DuckDuckGo. Overall, All general features found on famous browsers are available in this app with better data privacy. This can very well replace Safari on your iOS device so click the link below and try it.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge - Everyday AI brrowser

Microsoft Ege is good at giving more personalized experience while surfing the Internet. This browser lets the user control their own data efficiently and this directly improves privacy. The app is well organized on iPhones and iPads as it has a great UI with different features available. Blocking ads is another good feature that comes with this app which has many performance improving tools also. Know more about the app and what data is linked to the app from your device while downloaded inside the App store. This app can be good at replacing Safari.

Brave Browser

Brave Private Browser: Secure, fast web browser

Brave browser is the safest browser in this list with many privacy-centered features. The app is fast and at the same time very secure as it allows no external plugins or settings that create a chance to leak data. Brave browser also provides a powerful VPN service that improves security. This app can be used as the default browser on your iPhone as it performs great all the time it is used. There are a number of other features that can amaze you, find them inside the App Store by clicking the download link below.


Aloha - the iphone browsers


Aloha is another great browser that provides unlimited VPN service and ad-free browsing experience. This browser is very private and secure as it does not have any data that is linked to the user while browsing. This app has a 4.7 rating out of 5 on App Store and this should explain the capability of the browser. Many features help users make browsing easy and with premium purchases, the app can be more good. Click the link below to make your iPhone/iPad browser.


cake browser for iphone

The cake is a free and VPN enabled browser app with good reviews on the App Store. The security and privacy are on par and giving a go at this app will not disappoint you. Cake browser has many different features that makes browsing experience faster and productive. Using this app as an alternative to Safari on your iPhone is very much recommended. Click the download link below and know more about this app.

How to Change your Default Browser on an Apple device?

After choosing one of the browsers for your iOS device the procedure to make them your default browser is very easy. Just make sure you are using iOS14/iPadOS14 or later versions of iOS on your device before you try this.

  • Open the Settings app on your phone or tab.
  • Scroll down and then select the browser you have downloaded.
  • Tap on the “Default Browser app” option inside.
  • Now select your browser from that list which has Safari selected by default.

To know more about switching default Browser apps, visit Apple Support and learn about it.

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