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18th July 2023 | by Naveen M

Minecraft players who are searching for some interesting maps can find the best City maps here.

Best Minecraft City Maps to Try

The world’s best game, Minecraft, has more than 131 million active users every month. Minecraft has seen a huge growth in the last decade since its release. This is because of its ability to provide immersive experiences and endless possibilities. With the largest user base, Minecraft communities provide a lot of user-created maps that can be used for better gaming. We have sat down and gone through a bunch of maps and picked the best maps for you. In this article, you will find the best City maps.

The user-created environments that are mentioned in this article will amaze you with great looks and experience. Choose your dream map by clicking the link given below for each of the discussed maps.

Minecraft City Maps.

City maps that are available on Minecraft are really a gift for people who love to travel. If you have travel plans that are still in the waiting list, use these maps on Minecraft and save your money and time.


This city is in the middle of an intergalactic war and has the best infrastructure possible. The future city looks ahead of its time with modern technology and skyscrapers that pierce the clouds. This city can be a great pick for people who want to experience Star Wars’ Coruscant.

Click here to download FUTURE CITY Minecraft map.


A very interesting replica of New York City can be found inside this map. The train stations, subways, Cinemas, Churches, and parks are soo realistic and enjoyable. Older versions of the same map are also good and their links can also be found in the website mentioned below.

Click here to download MIDTOWN MANHATTAN Minecraft map.


Sayami is a Japanese city that is very famous for its close attention to detailing. There are some jaw-dropping locations that make this city feel real. Tokyo and Osaka were the cities taken as inspirations to develop this city so try it and you won’t get disappointed.

Click here to download SAYAMA CITY Minecraft map.


Alleron city was one of the largest Minecraft city map projects which started a decade ago. The details found in this city are amazing and newer versions are expected soon. Some of the famous constructions found here are Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, CN Tower, Sears Tower, Shanghai World Financial, Hong Kong World Financial, Bank of China, and Citi Tower. You will witness multiple unique neighborhoods, an advanced metro system, and world class infrastructure

Click here to download ALLERON CITY Minecraft map.


Fans of Game of Thrones (GOT) must try this map in Minecraft. This map is built with the city that hosts the iron throne in GOT (Westeros). The important landmarks that you would expect will be there to amaze you as the Kings Landing map was built by WesterosCraft. Try this map and roam around in the streets of King’s landing.

Click here to download KINGS LANDING Minecraft map.

# GREENFIELD – The Largest City In Minecraft

Version 5 of the Greenfield map is mentioned in this list for its finest detailing. The map is planned brilliantly and the thousands of buildings that are found in this map will take you to another world. It is important to note that this fictional city was inspired from the city of Los Angeles. The roads and interiors are superb and time flies when you are inside this Minecraft map.

Click here to download GREENFIELD Minecraft map.


This city map is one of the biggest maps found in Minecraft. Tazader city is known for its regular updates that bring in new looks and locations in Minecraft. The developers always want to make the city look better so you will be using a map that will feel better in a few days time. There are some impressive hotels, sports arenas and modern skyscrapers to explore. The detailing in this city is very good and playing sports also will surprise you.

Click here to download TAZADER CITY Minecraft Map.


The following places can be found at NOTRE DAME AND MEDIEVAL CITY. Notre Dame, Medieval City, Field, Pigsty Vineyard, Windmill, Fountain, Big trees, Holes in the sea, Pond, an Island, and a Peninsula. The creator has done a great job in developing this city so don’t miss this map.

Click here to download NOTRE DAME AND MEDIEVAL CITY Minecraft map.


Thai man, the developer of this city, started creating this Minecraft map last year and it has been a successful map thus far. Most of the places inside this map are similar to places and buildings in Thailand. So if you ever wanted to visit Thailand this map can be your best choice.

Click here to download CHIANG TUNG CITY Minecraft map.


Fans of Skyline/Skyscrapers must prefer this map over anything. The map has all the places that a modern city would have. Some of them are Airports, hotels, hospitals, stadiums, and schools. The link of this city map is given below, use it and enjoy your time on Minecraft.

Click here to download MINECHESTER CITY Minecraft map.

Having listed the maps, there is an important note that has to be mentioned here. Make sure the version of Minecraft you use supports the map you download. That is, ensure the map compatible with your version of Minecraft. If you face any problem with compatibility, it is best for you to either change the map or version of your Minecraft.

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