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13th April 2024 | by sekar

After watching all the movies and series suggested by streaming services on their walls and your friends you must have passed the watching phase to reach the searching phase. You have landed on the page that is going to list out the top 10 crime, thriller, and science fiction contents available on OTT platforms. The list contains 5 movies and 5 series which are of the genres aforementioned. Read this post filly to find out the next video content you are going to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hotstar.

A Quiet Place II

Directed by John Krasinski, this is the sequel to 2018’s A Quiet Place. If you hadn’t watched the first both the parts will be a treat for you. The highs this thriller movie gives is unmatchable. With almost no dialogues, this movie amazes the audience with great sound and quality acting.

Watch A Quite Place II.

Sense 8

This is a science fiction series that connects eight complete strangers from different parts of the world for a strange and mysterious purpose. The flow of the story is great and curiosity makes us click the “Next Episode” button after every episode ends. The series has two seasons (24 episodes) which are available on Netflix.

Watch Sense 8.

Ready Player One

This movie was directed by the mastermind Steven Spielberg and it justifies his reputation. The story is about a virtual world built by the character James Halliday, inside which players fight for a price that has the power to change both reality and the virtual world. The movie is ahead of its time and will never disappoint you.

Watch Ready Player One.


A professional murderer tries to change paths in his life and the series shows what all he has to pass through to do so. There is a good amount of humor mixed with a high level of violence and this mixture is what makes it a good watch. All the 16 episodes divided into 2 seasons are available on Disney+ Hotstar.

Watch Barry.


Focus is a crime comedy-drama with Will Smith as the male lead in it. The story is about a group of con artists who thrive on dangerous businesses. The movie shows how a romantical commitment changes the lives of the characters in the movie. Don’t fall for the false reviews online, this movie is really a gem available on Netflix.

Watch Focus.

The Boys

A fictitious story with superheroes and politicians trying to control the common people who later understand the gruesome and fight back. The writing is great and the flow of this show will keep you engaged throughout the couple of seasons. The third season will be releasing soon, so it is the ideal time to start watching this series on Prime if you have not.

Watch The Boys.

Panic room

Panic room is about a simple but very thrilling encounter that a mother and daughter face in their new house. David Fincher, as always, has directed the film with great details and you will definitely love the camera work. The background music and graphics are the great strengths for this movie and there are no unwanted scenes.

Watch Panic Room.


You is a Netflix phycological series where the male lead, a bookstore manager, comes across a girl and tries to start a fresh life with her hiding his rough past with another romantic partner. The story covers more than what he has to do with his romantic life, indulging other people who are close to the hero. The situations in this series put us in a dilemma of choosing what is wrong and what is right.

Watch You.


Orphan is a 2009 thriller about a family that adopts a girl who has a mysterious past. More than half of the story builds up to an exciting climax where everything about the orphan is revealed. The ending will surprise everyone and teaches us something new. The movie can be watched on Prime and Netflix.

Watch Orphan.

Room 104

This American anthology series contains all kinds of emotions like humor, horror, and thriller. It is about the experiences of different people who check into a motel room which always creates something special. The variety of stories and the short incidents make this series enjoyable. All 48 episodes are available on Hotstar.

Watch Room 104.

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