Chrome OS Split Screen Mode Works with Android Apps

20th February 2018 | by sekar

Android apps now support split-screen in Chrome OS’s tablet mode, First enabled in Chrome OS’s Canary channel.

As Google’s own desktop operating system – The Chrome OS becoming popular on its base, Its rapidly been doubling as the company’s new focus for tablets, Too. Thus, it makes sense that Google will add features that enhance the Android apps experience. Now, the Chrome OS has been given support to run Android apps in split-screen while using tablet mode.

The Canary Chrome OS channel has recently been updated in which Android apps with split-screen mode is found. (Canary – There are four development levels when it comes to Chrome OS: Stable, Beta, Developer, and Canary. Canary is the most unstable and most experimental where the chrome upcoming features are tested at first.).

The way the feature works is pretty much identical to how most desktop operating systems work. Just drag and hold one app to the left or right side of the screen, and once it’s in place, you can place a second application on the other side. That’s it, now you can run both the apps simultaneously.

We actually heard reports about this are happening a few weeks ago, and it looks like those rumors proved to be true. In the video, the presenter says that we should see the split-screen Android app feature arrive in the summer, which would once again most likely be Chrome OS version 66.

If you want to try this feature on your Chromebook, shift your device into developers mode and then join the canary channel. To be safe we don’t recommend trying this, As this will install pre-alpha software.

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