Don’t miss these Anthology films & shows

8th September 2023 | by Naveen M

Don't miss these Anthology films & shows

Any movie or series that contains several different short films together comes under the Anthology genre. OTT platforms have released numerous such creations lately. This is because of the acceptance that the genre got from people during the ongoing pandemic. If you are a person who has active subscriptions on streaming platforms this article is for you. Here, I will be mentioning some of the greatest must-watch anthology movies and shows that will definitely impress you. So hang on till the end and pick the next content you are going to watch online.

The list will be a mixture of movies and series and all of them are available on Netflix, Hotstar, or Amazon Prime Video. Every film is a masterpiece and don’t judge them with any ratings or reviews. Now let’s jump into the list.

1. Wild Tales

Wild Tales is a 2014 comedy drama that consists of six funny short stories that are very enjoyable. This Spanish movie also got nominated in the Best Foreign Language Film of the Year category at the 87th Academy awards. The movie will surprise you and cheer you up with its special comedies. Watch it on Amazon Prime Video by clicking on the link given below.

Watch Wild Tales.

2. True Detective

True Detective is a 3 season HBO anthology series that comprises 24 episodes of enthralling crime dramas. The show is an overall hit and the first season will hold you and make you watch the rest. The police officers and detectives casted in the series have done a great job to escalate the show. Watch this series on Hotstar with premium membership.

Watch on Hotstar.

3. Lust Stories.

An Indian drama that shows how four different women explore their relationships mentally and physically. This show was a big hit on Netflix and it was on the Trending list for a long time. This will definitely be a fun watch so click below and watch.

Watch on Netflix.

4. Paava Kadhaigal.

Another Indian anthology drama that shows four different emotions in a great style. The four stories are based on love, honour, sin, and relationships, so there are many possibilities of you liking one of them. Paava Kadhaigal is available on Netflix, click below to watch.

Watch on Netflix.

5. The Twilight Zone.

An original and long anthology series that covers all genres including horror, thriller, comedy, sci-fi, and etc. This is one of the classic series that is available on Amazon Prime click the below link and watch. For people who are searching for a long anthology series The Twilight Zone can be the best pick from this list.

Watch on Amazon Prime.

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