Honor 7x vs Redmi Note 5 Comparison – Based on it performance

21st February 2018 | by sekar

Redmi Note 5 and Honor 7x complete comparison – puerly based on it realtime performance and Benchmarks.

As many of them are looking for the comparison review between Honor 7X and Redmi Note 5, This comparison post is purely based on the real-time usage and the benchmark score. Honor 7x was released earlier last month and captured the midrange budget smartphone market with its greater specs and performance. And a few days before Xiaomi unveiled Redmi Note 5 – The next lineup for India’s most popular budget smartphone series. We already posted a separate review article for Honor 7x. Here the comparison review on Honor 7x and Redmi Note 5.

The Redmi Note 5 has come with Snapdragon 625 chipset – Which is seen in almost all budget smartphone and it is Octa-Core processor, Whereas the Honor 7x runs on HiSilicon Kirin 659 SOC, Which is also an Octa-Core processor. We separated the post into two parts one as benchmark comparison and another one as Real usage comparison.

Benchmark comparison of Honor 7x vs Redmi Note 5

To compare with this two device we use two popular benchmark apps, AnTuTu and Geekbench. At first, we started testing with AnTuTu benchmark test on both devices at the same time. Honor 7x completed the test a bit faster and overall it scored 79375 points. Whereas Redmi Not 5 got 76630Points (which is around 2500 points less than what Honor 7x scored). As AnTuTu comes with the detailed scorecard we do also compare both the mobiles with each category. There we noticed that Redmi Note 5 got more score than Honor 7x when it comes to the CPU, Which means the Redmi Note 5 has a better CPU with good processing speed. But surprisingly Honor 7x got the higher score on GPU, memory, UX. Here is the comparison image.

We also tested the mobiles with Geekbench. Redmi Note 5 finished the test and scored 876 in single core and 4338 in multicore. Whereas Honor 7x scored 906 ( a bit higher than Redmi Note 7), but it scored only 3576 on multicore which is a lot less than Redmi Note 5. As both

Real-time Usage Comparison :

CPU Performance :

To check with the CPU performance we tried to convert a video in both the mobiles using Free Audio Video Converter. With both converting the same files, Redmi Note 5 completed the task around 1 second faster than Honor 7x. Though it is not a big difference, Redmi Note 5 did a better job than Honor 7x. We also observed that Redmi Note 5 opens the App faster than Honor 7x. Thus it is clear now that Though Honor 7x has a good CPU, Redmi Note 5 has a better one.

Memory Management :

Though CPU performance is much more important, The Higher Data transfer speed and good memory management are much needed to give a better performance. First, we tried to transfer a 1 GB file from one folder to another and found that Honor 7x completed the process quicker than Redmi Note 7. To check with the Memory management of the smartphone we tried open few app and closed it to the background. again we tried to run all the frozen apps one by one and found that the ability to call the frozen Apps back is quite faster in Honor 7x.


By analyzing the overall test performance it is clear that the Redmi Note 5 has a better CPU, whereas the Honor 7x leads the game with a better GPU and a well-optimized software to give an overall better performance.


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