Best Workout and Fitness Tracking Apps – 2024 June | Android and iOS

27th May 2024 | by Naveen M

Here are the best Fitness tracking apps that helps you to keep track on your health and fit. Fitness and workout apps for smartphones – Download from Appstore and Playstore

Best Workout and Fitness Tracking Apps for both Android and iOS users

A good workout session gives us a satisfying feel that cannot be matched by anything else. Exercising and eating the right meals everyday is a lifestyle that many look up to and it is surely reachable. After the pandemic, which locked us all at home with all restrictions, lack of exercise has made everyone very inactive and less fit. This situation can be dealt with by using various fitness apps that are available online. These apps make indoor workouts easier with different workout plans and trainers who are ready to help. Continue reading this article to find the app that is going to replace your gym and your regular trainer.

The list of apps that are mentioned below come under different categories as each app differs in the way they work. For example, some apps will just concentrate on Yoga while the other might have cardio or running as their major target. This means that we as customers have options and this will help us reach our goals faster. So before you pick an app, set your goal, i.e., find what you want for your body. The apps that take place in this list are available on both Android and iPhones. Also you will find the link to download them from the PlayStore and the AppStore. Now let’s jump into the list.

Running, No-equipment workouts, and Training apps.

7 min workout

This app will be perfect for people who give time as an excuse for skipping workout. Because, within 7 Minutes you can finish your exercising for the day. With no equipment the several routines found on this app will help you sweat it out. All the step-by-step tutorials are very clear and users can easily follow what the app tells them to do. This also gives a great advantage of working out anywhere and anytime as it does not take a lot of space and time. The app is totally user friendly and everything can be customized according to the individual who is using the app.


Nike training club

A long list of workout routines that include collections for all kinds of goals. levels, and equipment availability is found on Nike Training club. Every session is guided by top Nike trainers who guide us very well throughout the programs. People who are looking to improve their mobility and endurance can try this app because of its clear tracking of progress. The app awards you with achievements when you do well and this motivates users to workout more with the app. This app can also provide nutrition and lifestyle hacks that are very useful for regular users.

Free / Offers in-app purchases.

adidas Training app – Fitness, Home & Gym Workout

Adidas training is another app which is great at giving no-equipment workout plans. This home workout app helps you target a particular part of the body and improve it. Use the app to achieve different goals such as losing weight, getting toned, building muscles, and staying motivated. The video and audio featuring the coaches and workout explanation are very clear and helps us find good form while working out. The app offers a minimum of 7-min long workout plans and a maximum of 45-min workouts that fits different people’s time availability.

Free / Offers in-app purchases

Map my fitness

Map my fitness by Under Armour is an app that can track a variety of workout plans such as walking, hiking, jogging, cardio, gym workouts, Yoga, and other sports. Finding and selecting your preferred activity is easy on this app and by tapping on the “Start workout” button you begin your session. User’s progress is tracked to find the effectiveness of this app and this app is also a platform to get yourself into challenges that will make you better even if you lose. Building a routine out of the 800+ workouts that are available is great and sharing them is a healthy option to have.


FitOn – Free Fitness

FitOn is a workout app where you can find celebrity trainers who influence your workout plans and help you create and reach fitness goals quicker. The app shows articles that advise you on how you can keep yourself fit both physically and mentally. Find different plans by browsing what you want in the app as it contains various workout categories. This app can also be a guide to meditation lovers and this is another pro. Connecting with friends who also workout using this app is a great feature and sharing your plans with them can create a great environment.


Freeletics Training Coach

Freeletics is a workout app where you can customize your daily workout plans and get help from digital personal trainers who can monitor your workouts. The app can suggest exercises using gym equipment and also make you fit using body weight workout plans. The app’s holistic approach to fitness and self-development will reflect on your fitness lifestyle as it improves your physical abilities. The app is ranked high in Europe and this must be because of the quality plans that this app provides. The app can be a good place to find a community that has fitness-based minds.

Free / Offers in-app purchases

C25K trainer

This app is the one you are searching for if you are looking to take up running. The app provides a 8-week program that consists of walking, jogging and other fitness goals which can be achieved with proper guidance. The app has a great UI and its friendly workout schedules are impressive. C25K has partnered with Wear OS, Samsung, and FITBIT smartwatches so that you can track your progress and other details about your plans even without your phones. There are many other features that make this app special, try it out by downloading it.

Free / Offers in-app purchases

Best Yoga & Meditation apps

Daily yoga

One of the best apps that is available both on AppStore and PlayStore to help Yoga newbies and advanced practitioners. The amount of content available on this app based on Yoga and meditation will amaze you. The HD videos turn out to be great guides when you are trying postures and positions that need perfection. The app can seriously improve your flexibility and the fitness level can shoot up if the app is used regularly. The workout plans range from 5- to 70-min long and this is a great feature for people who lack time. Learn 500+ Yoga poses and enjoy 200+ HD videos with 50+ class plans on Daily Yoga.

Free / Offers in-app purchases

5 Minute yoga

If you are a person who loves yoga and likes to make workout sessions quick and effective download 5 Minute Yoga. Creating sessions by selective simple Yoga poses will help beginners learn Yoga at no time. The detailed explanation of each pose and clear images that have to be imitated by users are good. If the app is used regularly there will definitely be a visible change that motivates users to workout more. Improve your flexibility, strength, and reduce stress by using this app. Click the links below to have this app on your device.

Free / Offers in-app purchases

Lotus yoga

The ready-made Yoga plans found on the Lotus Yoga app will give great experience to both beginners and experts in yoga. The sequence of yoga poses and the references that are displayed make yoga easier than it appears to be. The programs in this app range from one to five weeks and according to your goals the plans can be picked. The meditation sessions that are offered in this app will reduce your stress levels and make your mental health strong. Learn 450 yoga poses using the clear illustrations found on this app and become more strong, toned and flexible.

Free / Offers in-app purchases

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