Best Workout & Fitness Training Apps for your Smartphone – Exercise and assistant – 2024 April - May

2nd January 2024 | by Naveen M

Your guide to the recent and all-time best fitness training and workout Apps for both Android and Apple iPhone users.

Best Workout & Fitness Training Apps for your Smartphone - Exercise and fitness assistant apps

The use of workout applications that replace gyms and trainers is on the rise. This practice is popular among people who give small reasons to skip exercising. All a person needs is a screen, an application and some indoor/outdoor space to start their workout session. In this case, it is important for you to know which apps are doing best on PlayStore/AppStore. Follow this article to find the app that will help you reach your physical goals.

Best Workout & Fitness Training Apps from Playstore and Appstore


Weight training and body building app


  • Customizable workout options.
  • Connect with friends easily.
  • Trainers with experience assist you.
  • Strength training and workout tracking.


  • Not friendly on Smartwatches
  • Measuring can be incorrect or inconsistent.
  • Needs an update.

People who train with weights and love to increase their strength will love JEFIT. The app helps you keep track of your performance and changes in fat percentage, weight ratio and many more. Connecting with fellow lifters to share and receive advice is made easier on this app. There are a number of training programs that are designed for users of every stage, from beginners to experts, also the trainers available on the app will assist with full involvement. The design and the user interface of the app is simple and easy to use on both iOS and Android.

FREE/ $6.99 a month or $39.99 a year

Alo Moves


  • Download classes for Offline use
  • Explore all kinds of Yoga
  • Friendly for experts


  • Little complex for beginners
  • User interface.

This app is a place where you find the best yoga instructions. The app provides thousands of videos that instruct the users on what to do. Personalization of the app makes yoga lessons more interesting and helps users see what they want. The app works well both on iOS and Android devices unlike other Yoga and meditation apps in the store. If you are looking to kick start your yoga journey, this app can the ideal one you must download

FREE/ $20 a month



  • Variety of exercises
  • Expert trainers for instructions
  • Good diet assistance


  • Costly
  • Less content for basic free plan

This app can be a great one for people looking for apps that give no-equipment, at-home training. Most of the workout plans are based on body weights so you don’t need anything other than your own body to reach your goals. The smart nutrition assistance keeps check of how well the user is consuming food and reacts according to it. The workout plans start from 5 Minutes and extend to 20 Minutes. This feature will help people who find it difficult to take on long workout sessions. The pro version of the app unlocks some interesting plans that will give great results. Try it by downloading the app.

FREE/ $25 a month or $80 a year

Home Workout – No Equipment

At-home workout


  • Simple training for extraordinary results.
  • Best at home workout experience.
  • Great tips from expert coaches.
  • Track progress on the app.


  • Nutrition tracking.
  • Advertisements

Home workout is the simplest app that can show you results with minimum resources. The at-home exercise training plans and other features help you hit any target you set for yourself. The challenges in the app are very engaging and they motivate us whenever used. The app has workouts that concentrate on particular muscles in our body and these workouts are very effective in muscle building. The app assists users from warm-up sessions to everything that is expected from a workout app. The animations and video guidance are great and this helps improve our postures and other things.

FREE/ $9.99 a month or $39.99 a year



  • Blend of workout and social media app.
  • Tracking and analyzing workouts are on point.
  • Great training experience.
  • New challenges to keep users motivated.


  • No music support
  • Less free content.

If you want an workout app that has a strong community and sharing features Strava is your app. The app connects people and lets them have friendly competitions through which the users get fit and also entertained. Users can rack their friend’s fitness progress and this can motivate them to work harder on their targets. While Running, Cycling and Swimming are the mainly focused areas, the app also tracks and helps in training other sports and modes of workouts. There is GPS support on this app and this gives exact results of your work.

FREE/ $7.99 a month or $60 a year.

Map My Run by Under Armour

Training app for beginners


  • Good assistance from experts.
  • Tracks several activities including Running.
  • Monitor shoe mileage to find their condition.
  • Many free features.


  • No music integration.
  • Not friendly on Apple Watch.
  • Uses more battery power.

Map My Run is one of the top apps that will be suggested anywhere you go and that is because of its performance. There are thousands and thousands of running routes that will let you try something new every time you use the app. The app tracks the distance, pace, calories burned, and more to give out an accurate reading of how well you have done. The premium version includes  GPS tracking, which can be shared for safety and other purposes.

Free/ $5.99 a month or $29.99 a year.

Glo Yoga

Beat Yoga app


  • Friendly for both beginners and experts in Yoga
  • Supported on Apple Watch
  • Good set of trainers
  • Offline training
  • Daily updates and classes notified


  • Lack of nutrition tracking.
  • A little pricey.

The best app for people who are looking to fill their workout programs with Yoga. The lessons are clear and they are provided by experienced trainers who illustrate every position. The plans are customizable and students can download content to use them without the Internet. The fitness data and user’s progress is collected to analyze the performance and this motivates people to use the app more. Livestream classes are also available and there are meditation sessions which help in reducing stress and other harmful practices. The app is also good at general strength training so don’t miss out.

FREE/ $18 a month

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