How to Change Icons Size on Android Smartphone

16th November 2023 | by Naveen M

Here is how you can resize your icon size - Andorid settings

A great positive about Android is its flexibility to various things. The design and looks of a smartphone display can play a major role in how it looks and works. In this article, you will read how the size of app icons can be changed on your phone.

Different manufacturers give different Settings options to customize the display. Three methods have been discussed below on how to resize app icons. The first method is for Samsung phone users as they have the easiest in-built feature to change icon size.

How to resize icons on Samsung phones.

  • Unlock your phone and reach the home screen.
  • Long press on a blank area and wait for the menu to pop up at the bottom.
  • Select Settings and tap on the Home screen grid from the list.
  • Adjust the number of icons that can appear on the home page.
  • Save the changes and come back to the home screen.
  • Select the Apps screen grid from the options given below (e.g., 4×6, 5×5).
  • Tap on Save after resizing.
  • Your icons will be in the size respective to the grid settings which you saved before.

While this is how app icons can be resized on Samsung smartphones, other phones also have the option to change icon size. The default icon size can be enlarged or shrunk according to the user’s choice. Follow the steps given below to do so.

Resize icons using Display Settings on Android.

  • Unlock your smartphone and launch the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and tap on Display inside Settings.
  • Choose Advanced to access more options.
  • Select Display size from the list of options.
  • Use the slider inside the Display size window to enlarge or to do the opposite.
  • Return back to your home screen and find the icons resized.

This method is simple and found on most of the Android phones that use the latest or a little older versions of Android. If you don’t find these options on your smartphone, there is another way. Third-party apps can be used to adjust the size of the icons on your phone.

Third-party apps to resize icons on Android.

The below mentioned apps can be used to customize the size of icons and more. Use the link below each of them to download it to your smartphone.

Microsoft Launcher

This app is a good alternative to the grid adjustment method. The layout and icon size can be changed and the app has more to provide.

Apex Launcher

Apex launcher can be used to adjust app icon size from 50% up to 150%, which will be the normal size. Click the link above and install it to your smartphone.

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