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11th September 2023 | by Naveen M

Best Sports Documentaries to Watch on Netflix | Web Series and MoviesIndian Edition: Netflix is not just an ocean of web-series and movies. It is also a platform where you can find interesting documentaries and docuseries. Documentaries or docuseries can be very motivational and useful, as they reveal some important real incidents which did not come to light in history.

Every episode of a sports docuseries carries emotion and drama which makes them enjoyable and inspiring. If you are searching for some sports docuseries on Netflix, you are at the right place. Below, I will be suggesting to you some of the best documentaries found on Netflix.

1. The Last Dance.

The Last Dance sheds light on one of the all time greats Michael Jordan’s final season with Chicago bulls. This documentary is easily a must watch content on Netflix. Each episode of this docuseries explains what happened on and off the Basketball court in the Jordan era. The Last Dance covers not only the life of Michael Jordan but also the other players and individuals who were a big part of Chicago bulls. Watch this masterpiece on Netflix.

Watch The Last Dance.

2. Formula 1: Drive to Survive.

Formula One is not just about race cars overtaking others. This documentary shows what really happens with the racers, managers, and team owners behind the cameras. Also, how they make this greatest racing competition successful. You can easily see the emotions that this sport brings out of people who are involved in it, through this documentary. All 30 episodes, divided into three seasons are great. Try this out, you will not be disappointed.

Watch Formula 1: Drive to Survive.

3. Naomi Osaka

This documentary is one of the latest releases on Netflix. Zooming into the life of the young Tennis sensation, Naomi Osaka, this documentary is a great watch. It beautifully and briefly shows what has happened in Naomi Osaka’s Tennis career. If you are searching for a binge-worthy documentary this content on Netflix will definitely help.

Watch Naomi Osaka.

4. Cheer

Cheer is a gripping docuseries that addresses the highs and lows of a cheerleading squad’s journey. If you haven’t thought much about cheerleaders and their lives, this docuseries will surprise you. Cheer gives us a different view of what a cheerleader’s life can be like. This docuseries is very touching and worth watching.

Watch Cheer.

5. The Playbook

This television documentary concentrates on how legendary coaches manage to achieve great things in sports and life. Coaches share what they follow strictly while they are coaching some of the biggest sports teams in the world. This insight helps us understand more about things we might not be familiar with.

Watch The Playbook.

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