Top 5 Horror Flicks to Stream on Netflix | Scariest Movies To Stream Online

19th February 2024 | by Naveen M

Top 5 Horror Flicks to Stream on Netflix | Scariest Movies To Stream Online

Cravings for scary movies are increasing day by day. Horror movies on Netflix satisfy a large set of audiences around the world today. If you are searching for some dreadful movies with an active Netflix subscription, read this article fully. Below, I will list the top 5 horror movies that will scare you the most on Netflix.

Under the shadow

A missile hits Shideh’s building during a war. The unpleasant spirits inside the missile cause havoc and turn around the lives inside the building. All the sequences are really terrifying because of the intelligent direction. The runtime of the film is just 84 minutes but within this short period you will experience some scary content.

Watch Under the Shadow.


The story is about a deaf writer who deals with an intruder during her solitary life inside the woods. The locations and the remote house chosen for the film is a great plus. This movie will be a great treat to horror fans because of the simple yet gripping screenplay. The runtime of the movie is short and it is crisp with all the scenes executed perfectly.

Watch Hush.

The fear street trilogy

This film, Fear street, is based on the best-selling R.L. Stine book series which has a huge fan base. An historical evil force causes distress with a series of murders. And when the female lead and her peers face it the movie takes a turn. There are three parts that can be watched continuously for some good horror experience.

Watch The Fear Street Part 1.

IT Chapter II

If you have watched the first part of IT, the trailer above will tell pretty much everything. An evil clown which has a history with all the movie leads comes back after 27 years. All the members of the Losers’ Club join together and fight as promised during their childhood.

Watch IT Chapter Two.

The Ritual

Four friends reunite and hike through the Scandinavian forest and experience some strange encounters. The gripping screenplay and the Swedish wilderness complement the whole film.

Watch The Ritual.


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