Apple investigating iPhone X bug on incoming call delay

5th February 2018 | by sekar

iPhone X users have discovered yet another bug !!!!

  • Problem gets Apple’s attention after hundreds of forum complaints
  • iPhone X bug that makes it difficult for users to answer calls.
  • Affected devices ring and vibrate with an incoming call, but take up to 10 seconds to show who’s calling on the display.
  • The bug means users can’t swipe the on-display button to answer calls.

iPhone X users have discovered yet another bug with their expensive iphone X device.  The new iPhone X was released just three months before. Later a few day before Some iPhone X owners are reporting that their phone displays take up to 10 seconds to show who’s making an incoming call, even as the phone rings and vibrates.The bug makes it difficult for the phone to carry out one of its most basic tasks of answering a call.

According to the Financial Times, many iPhone X users have recently taken to Apple forums to complain about a delay in the screen waking up when a call comes through, thus delaying the display of the virtual call accept or decline buttons. This delay, which users claim can last between six to 10 seconds, is causing some owners to miss calls entirely.

“When receiving incoming call on iphone x its only ringing and vibrate there is no display on screen,” wrote one confused user.

Users have reported that they need to restart the phone when the problem occurs – Even it will eliminate the problem improperly.

Apple said it was “looking into these reports.”

Latest Bugs in Apple iPhone X

Though this his is the 1st major bug in this expensive handset. But the phone has already plagued with problems, with Apple putting out a software fix for devices that temporarily stopped working in cold weather. And a small number of users reported a green line appearing on the side of their iPhone X screens. It’s time to act for the Apple as some reports say that it was outsold by its cheaper iPhone 8 sibling in Q4 of last year.


If you are an iPhone X owner and are experiencing the same problem, you might want to consider sharing your experience with Apple Support.

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