Apple iPhone X Review: The Best iPhone Yet!

12th January 2018 | by sekar

I know every year we say that this iPhone is the best iPhone. But really iPhone x is the best iPhone ever. There is no doubt that the Apple is always iconic and this time too. Apple has made changes by getting rid of few things like the home button, etc. iPhone 10 has few big fundamental changes in how you use the iPhone.

Apple iPhone x

Design & Built Quality

The iPhone x feels noticeably smaller in the hand and everyone will love the feel of the iPhone 10, the glass on the back. Though Apple claims that the back panel glass is unbreakable, it is now the most breakable iPhone ever, Yes its glass panel on the back.

Coming to the Surgical Stainless Steel sides, It’s slippery and it definitely going to ride of your pockets at least once. Go for some good bumper case that saves your phone from ride off.

The one that really doesn’t like in the design is the camera bump, it’s too high and it will make you feel little inconvenience on many occasions.

Display Quality

Apple picked the best mobile OLED technology on the market from Samsung and tunes it well for the best action. It is the brightest OLED that I may have ever seen so far makes it for the best direct sunlight viewing experience. It also does the best in the rendering of HDR content.

Also, this is the first time that the display itself has curved corner screen as compared to the previous rectangular screen and the display pushes ride up to the edges of the phone.

The Notch at the top makes you feel something … Really it even bothered me more than any changes made by Apple. It cuts some part of the video while viewing the video on the full screen is something Apple has to learn from others. Apple also tried to overcome this by giving double click feature which makes the screen to play in the rectangular screen, but the size of the video get reduced and I doubt that why there is a need of this big display.

Camera Performance

Apple has slightly upgraded the iPhone 10 with the new camera. It has the combination of wide-angle and Telephoto lens with same sensors as iPhone 8+, but with slightly better glass. Both have Optical Image Stabilization which helps you to take the clear pic with the 2x telephoto lens in zoomed in photos and videos.

As we expect photo from iPhone x looks Awesome. Especially happy with the much dynamic range we are getting. Low light images also end up looking really good. True color reproduction even at low or at no light the best and HDR gives you with the well detailed imaging.

But while comparing this with the other flagship pixel 2 camera, I feel it’s slightly back. But to be sure it is one of the top five smartphone camera as of now.

Here there is no doubt that this might have the best front-facing camera to take videos. The front camera also adds with the portrait mode to take portraits selfies, But it is not that great. The edges get blurred super-hard. It can get cleared with Apples future updates as it has better color accuracy.

Phone Performance

The iPhone X runs with the powerful Bioconic chipset with 3 GB RAM. It may sounds like less RAM, But Apple did well and shows the best speed of use. The Gaming on the iPhone x is truly very strong. The new penchant for AR gaming to play with real-world surrounding makes it to the next level of playing. Overall you may have the best performance.

Speaker and Headphone

The speaker is much loud than other and the sound is pretty good. Simply we can say that the ultra-great combined speakers did their work well and the combination of OLED and stereo speaker make it a best choice to view cinemas with the great sound and visual.
Updated: Dozen’s of iPhone x users complained that the front-facing earpiece speaker is making crackling or buzzing sounds.

Really I can’t imagine a phone without a headphone Jack, but here it comes with this down face. If you say its innovation Think that you always take a connector with you. I don’t like it and it’s up to your choice. Here the quality of sound produced it the headphone is relatively good.

Face-ID & Sensors

Face-ID on iPhone 10 uses dot projector to identify your face and it works really well most of the time. But it’s not perfect at times on bight light etc. Also, we find that it often takes a long time to unlock the phone. I think Touch-ID is much closer to perfect as far as it goes but still, it’s impressively good and also faster. Though Apples the face-Id is the best in its class, I feel Apple should come up with more updates to make it more perfect.

The feature that hides the details of the notification until it recognizes you using the sensors is really the next-gen game changer.

Battery Performance

The battery performance of the iPhone X is considerably good. It supports you more than a day with the screen on time of around 6 hours. Though it seems to be 10% worse than we get on iPhone 8+ It is still a powerful one for our daily life.

Dust and Water Proof

The phone works well after taken away from the swimming pool, but doesn’t works in the water. It is nice to have the mobile with IP67 – Dust and Waterproof certification, but obviously I will go for the latest IP68 currently in the market.


You may know that the Apples most popular home button is not available with this iPhone x and so Apple comes with more gestures to navigate through. The Apple gestures did its job more accurate and almost all the gestures here are naturally using one. It is easy to remember when you start using it. Though I like most of the gestures at times, I feel Apple has to learn a lot mainly about navigation to make the UI more user-friendly.

It is a bad idea that the phone only auto wakes when its right side ups but there is no indication when the screen is off like always on clock etc.


I think you heard a little-bit about Animoji. By using Animoji you can create a talking emoji using the camera and your face. It’s totally funny to see yourself as talking cat, dog, etc., This is not the one to make you buy this mobile. But it’s truly a good add-on.


It is clear that Apple is working to come up with the most innovative device to keep-up its brand at the top always. I feel iPhone X is for gesture lovers because it takes time to learn through with face-id and gestures and also it is drastically different one for the previous Apple lovers. Whatever it is there is no doubt that it is one of my favorite iPhone ever by far.

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