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19th April 2024 | by Naveen M

Mac users follow this post to find the best free VPN and feel secure and anonymous while using your computer

Best Free VPN for Mac Users

Using a VPN service gives us a great amount of freedom on the Internet and it makes us an anonymous person online for various needs. People who feel unsafe online and netizens who visit unsecure websites regularly have got multiple VPN service providers to protect. We are going to suggest you a list of Free VPN service providers here and each one of them are filtered after usage.

The aim is to anonymously visit blocked streaming sites and access websites in a safer and secure way using VPN. There are hundreds of free and paid VPN services that will do this job well. But the VPN services mentioned here do more than that for people who expect more from VPN.

Obviously free VPN services turn a profit using invasive ads and by selling data to third-parties. But, it is important to choose the right one because you don’t want too many unwanted ads that annoy you. It is not always just about visiting restricted sites online and protecting your laptop with decent security. There are many other metrics you should consider before picking the best VPN. For example, you need to check if the selected VPN has data limits, no speed throttling, and user-friendly features. The below given VPN services were all tested and seen if they work well on Mac with good features.

Free VPN for Mac users.

ProtonVPN Free

Proton Free VPN

ProtonVPN is easily the best VPN that you can find online. We have used almost all the famous VPNs and no other VPN service is as good as ProtonVPN. The main reason why this VPN service comes first in the list is that it delivers unlimited data for free.

Note: ProtonVPN is the only free VPN that you can set and carry on with your work without worrying about the amount of data used.

The three server locations. US, Japan, and The Netherlands, offered for the free version are well placed for smooth connection. Though the free version does not let us access the regional Netflix content, you can watch Netflix originals with an upgrade. YouTube works great and the streaming performance will be good every time you use it.

The free service does come with a few disadvantages. One of them being that if you are using ProtonVPN at peak times, you could see the speed drop a little bit as the service provider is forced to give priority to the paid users.

The Best value plan (ProtonVPN Plus 2 year) costs $5 dollars per month and there are two more plans that you can see inside their official website.


  • Good Privacy.
  • Unlimited data.
  • Powerful apps
  • Supports streaming.


  • Speed throttling in the free version.
  • Support is not great.
  • Fewer servers.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

Free version of Hotspot Shield VPN works great and it comes with some impressive features. When used for free, you will see that this VPN is good at speed and perfect for a normal user. The data limit stands at 500MB per day (roughly 15GB a month) and this is enough to be private online. The app is well built and you will find it easy to connect and use all features.

Though the app shows you all the premium server locations available, free version users are limited to only one US location. All versions, including Windows and Android, are very user-friendly as the interface is clean and the user experience is better when compared to other VPN.

Note: Remember you Hotspot Shield blocks Netflix access so you will not be able to stream anything on Netflix.

There were small problems with Hotspot Shield VPN at the beginning of this year. All Google searches showed the 403 error while connected to VPN but the team has worked on this and the service is good now. Some of the other problems commonly seen include adverts and logging. Ads are injected a little much but it won’t be a big issue if you are a strong user.


  • Data limit of 500MB per day.
  • Easy to use.
  • Handy chrome extensions.
  • Max speed is fast.


  • Big difference between free and premium versions.
  • Only one server.
  • Issues with Google.
  • Minor logging issues


windscribe vpn

Windscribe is a great option for people who are searching for a VPN that provides ample data with great privacy. You will be given a satisfactory 10GB data if you give your email address to Windscribe. Another important factor to consider before choosing Windscribe is its 2GB bandwidth per month as standard.

The free version of this VPN will give 11 remote server locations as options and the list includes UK, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, Turkey and some US VPN cities. The premium version of this VPN will be great to use but you will not see any big promotions done to upgrade while using the free version.

It is easy to start off with this VPN as you will start to jump around the world using different servers immediately. It is amazing to see that Windscribe VPN can neglect some region blocking and reach some usually VPN-restricted sites, apps, and streaming services. Why we mention this is that you can stream and binge on Netflix as well as some exclusive content in the US, Germany and UK.

Overall, Windcribe is a simple yet effective VPN service that has a good privacy policy. Use the link above and visit their site to know more.


  • Exceptional privacy policy
  • Easy to use
  • Netflix works on this VPN
  • 10GB Data limit.


  • App looks little messy.
  • Support can be better.
  • Inconsistent speed.
  • 2GB bandwidth per month standard.



Speedify has the best connection speed when compared with the other VPNs mentioned here. The privacy policy of this VPN is clean and the minor amount of logging done with the free plan has to be mentioned here. You will be getting a full 2GB of traffic per month for free and there are four plans that cost from $1.50 to $9.99.

You will find plenty of options and settings inside Speedify and this will help you have a great experience online with VPN. This VPN has got a total of 500 plus servers that connect about 34 countries for all platforms including Android and Linux. Speedify can do better in the support department as there is no live chat available for quick queries and the email response is too slow for a VPN service.

Overall, Speedify VPN is an interesting option for VPN because of its unique yet useful features. If you are looking for a transparent VPN service and a company that keeps anonymity at front, then Speedify can fulfill your needs.


  • 2GB per month per month for free
  • Good speeds
  • Outstanding performance
  • Affordable plans


  • Many streaming services are not supported
  • No manual setup
  • Stores some logs

Free VPN by Opera

Opera VPN

Opera VPN is a completely free VPN built into the Opera browser versions that can be on Mac. This VPN is not a dedicated app as it is an added feature found inside a browser (i.e. a browser proxy and not true VPN). The interesting fact about this VPN is that it is free and has no data limits at all. The VPN works well almost all the time and you will be able to reach blocked sites easily.

This service comes inside the five most popular browsers in the world (Opera) so you can expect it to do well because of its reputation. The VPN service was added to this browser to make the users’ experience more private and secure. There are five VPN locations that are available. They are, Canada, the US, Germany, the Netherlands, and VPN servers in Singapore.

You don’t need any support for this VPN because the using style is very simple and remember this is not a VPN service but a proxy VPN. Download Opera and use their VPN for unlimited private surfing.


  • Unlimited data for free.
  • Unblocks Netflix US
  • Supports all platforms.
  • easy to use


  • Logging policy
  • NO VPN protocol
  • No kill switch
  • Small server network

Hola Browser

Hola Free VPN

Hola is another browser that has a free VPN for unblocking some websites. You will be getting an unlimited data cap at the speed of 45Mbps every time you use. The browser does have a logging policy and we just hope that there are no data leaks.

Though the free version of the VPN does not use any encryption the performance of the VPN is reasonable as it unblocks some important sites. This VPN is very easy to use and the set up process is also quite simple inside Hola.

The support is quite decent and there are many areas that this VPN can improve. If you are okay with a normal security level and intrusive logging, then you can definitely go for this VPN on the Hola browser.


  • Simple set up process
  • easy to use
  • Unblocks reasonable number of websites


  • No encryption in free version
  • Logs all your activity
  • Some bad history



Founded in 2019, PrivadoVPN focuses mainly on safety and privacy. This VPN is one of the new players in the market and its strict no-log policy is very impressive. PrivadoVPN uses one the strongest methods of encryption and this makes them a great choice over others. Users will get a generous 10GB of data per month in the free version and this is very positive for a free VPN.

Privado claims itself to be the fastest and most private VPN service on the planet and when used they seem so. The Free version allows you to access up to 12 servers, whereas the paid version gives you access to over 200 servers in 47 countries.

A surprising quality about this VPN is that their speed and quality is the same for all users and this includes paid customers. The security levels and privacy is great here so give Privado VPN a try.


  • No logs
  • Strong encryption
  • Kill switch
  • Easy to install


  • No WireGuard protocol
  • No dedicated IPs
  • Minimum servers

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