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4th January 2023 | by Naveen M

Here are the best Keyboard app options for Android users. Select the best of them for daily use.

Alternative keyboard applications for Android users

Keyboards on your smartphones are doing their job well, but are they really good enough? When there are a lot of third-party keyboard apps available on the Play Store, why should you settle with the default keyboard. So we have picked the best keyboard apps available on Play Store for a better typing experience. Stick till the end and find out the keyboard app that will suit you.

The importance of a keyboard in our day to day lives is bigger than we think it is. We need a dependable keyboard that will help us text, tweet, take notes, and even type an article on a busy day. A good third-party keyboard must be very responsive and it must read our touches accurately so that we can type and communicate faster. We use our keyboard almost on every app so it is important that it secures our password and other social stuff too. Below you will find the best keyboard apps available on Play Store. Use the links and download them for usage.

Best third-party keyboard apps for Android users

Google Gboard-Free

Gboard keyboard an alternative keyboard for Android

Gboard is a well-rounded keyboard that replaced the Google keyboard six years back. There are many interesting features that make this keyboard a complete package. You will be able to get the emoji and GIF search right from the keyboard by tapping the G logo. There is support for gesture typing, accurate autocorrect, word prediction and a wide range of emojis that make chats fun. If you are a one-hand typist, there is the one-handed mode for easier typing.

Chrooma Keyboard-Free/$9.99 (Premium)

chrooma keyboard an alternative keyboard for Android

The most interesting feature on Chrooma keyboard is its ability to adapt to every app. With other apps you can select a theme and stick with it, but Chrooma will change the keyboard color according to the app. For example, if you are on Spotify the keyboard turns green and on Twitter the keyboard turns blue. Chrooma is great for swiping and this makes deleting whole words and sentences easier than before. Customizing the style, font, size and syncing between devices will require the premium version of the app and it is a bit pricey. If you give more importance to the keyboard you use, then Chrooma can do great.

Microsoft SwiftKey-Free

swiftkey keyboard an alternative keyboard for Android

Swiftkey has been a strong keyboard option for years now and they have a big user base even after Gboard overtook all the keyboards. Gesture support is there on this keyboard to make typing easier and faster. The artificially intelligent autocorrect engine learns how you type and becomes smarter with suggestions and other corrections. Floating keyboard is a feature that makes SwiftKey standout from other keyboards as this feature gives great experience. Customizing options on size, style, and themes are really good and there is the one-hand mode with a split thumb keyboard.

Fleksy keyboard-Free/ $2.99

Fleksy keyboard an alternative keyboard for Android

If you are searching for the best autocorrect keyboard, Fleksy is the best option for you. Fleksy has a bar above the keyboard for extensions and you can also customize the extensions. A range of features can be found on this keyboard, including GIF search, clipboard controls, and a launcher. There are themes that are available for free in the app that are good to use. But at the same time most of the in-app purchases are only themes and nothing more.


Grammarly keyboard an alternative keyboard for Android

Grammarly is another free keyboard app which was first a Chrome extension. The extension used to correct grammar mistakes and now the app aims to do the same. If you are a person who writes a lot on your smartphone like emails and journals, then we suggest this keyboard very strongly. Explanations for the corrections that the keyboard makes will amaze you and your grammar might improve as well. The app is pretty new with limited but useful features, we can expect some interesting features new soon


Anysoft keyboard an alternative keyboard for Android

AnySoftKeyboard is an app that can give you a nostalgic look and feel along with some interesting features. The app contains some pretty good pre-built themes and you can choose any one of them as they are all totally free. If you are not happy with the existing themes, you can even create a new one and use it. While this feature is cool, other features include multiple language support, arrows, undo and redo, and some other unusual options. This app might not be too great but it is a decent option for free keyboard apps on Play Store.

Hacker’s Keyboard-Free

Hackers keyboard an alternative keyboard for Android

Hacker’s keyboard is a reasonable option for people who are looking for a free and assistive keyboard. The app will give a full PC-style keyboard layout that will be comfortable for typists who are used to PC keyboards. For multiple language support users have to download  plugin packs from the Play Store separately, otherwise this app is very simple to use. You will find the CTRL key, escape, ALT, Fn, and the arrow keys in the keyboard that resembles the old Gingerbread style. The features are a little old but the comfort is good.

GO Keyboard Pro- Free(with ads)/$2.99

GOkeyboard an alternative keyboard for Android

Go keyboard is the app for you are looking for an app full of keyboard themes. You will be able to customize the height and width of the spacebar and the toggle cursor can be turned on or off. This keyboard app easily provides one of the best emoji keyboards including the support for emoticons and GIFs. In addition to this you can create your own GIF inside the keyboard. Use the link above and download this app for a fun typing experience.

Typewise-Free / $1.99-$24.99

typewise keyboard an alternative keyboard for Android users

Typewise is an interesting keyboard option for Android users and this app has been there for a few years. The traditional QWERTY style keypad is replaced by a honeycomb-shaped keyboard that works well and feels handy. This keyboard will be very friendly for people who use their thumbs predominantly for typing and other stuff. In the beginning you might not get used to the new shape of the keyboard but by time you might like it more than the QWERTY.

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