Top 10 Music Apps on Play Store: Android – 2024 July

14th July 2024 | by Naveen M

Enjoy your favourite music on the right Platform. Find the list of best music player apps below.

Top 10 Music Apps on Play Store: Android - Indian users

Music saves us from many things in life. And most of them are absolutely free when we choose the right platform on our smartphones. When you reach the Play Store to download a music player you are flooded with a bunch of music apps. If you don’t know which one to choose, here are some of our suggestions for you.

A music app should contain a wide variety of music, let the users customize the app, and have the best quality of the available music. While these are some basic qualities expected from a music app, there are a lot more users would like from it. The below listed apps will satisfy the majority of music lovers who are looking for the best app inside the Play Store. Know about them one by one and use link given below to download them from the Play Store



Spotify is arguably the best place to create and share your playlists. Large collections of music from a number of bands and artists can be found in this music streaming app. This app is also home for some very good podcasts which have huge audiences around the world. Access to any kind of music is easy inside the app and new music is always suggested to refresh the users’ music taste. The app is available on various platforms so you can keep in touch with your favorite music all the time. Spotify is available on mobile, tablet, desktop, PlayStation, Smart TV, Wear OS watches and speakers. The premium version of the app is really cool with amazing features but the free version should do good if you are an ordinary music listener.

Why Spotify?

  • Free version available
  • Access to billions of songs and Interesting Podcasts
  • Collaborative Playlist and optional desktop app

Available in both FREE and PREMIUM versions

Click here to Download Spotify.

JioSaavn Music and Radio.

After Saavn was bought by Reliance Jio, the Indian giant, the app was made more user friendly and it reached more smartphones in India. This app is easily one of the most used music apps in India and this is because of its service. More than 10 Indian language music and English content are available for free (With ads). Users can also enjoy Podcasts and there are many other perks if you are an existing Jio user. There is a pro version to this app that is available for the first three months as a compliment. The app works well with Chromecast, Android auto, Apple CarPlay, and this app supports Alexa and Google Assistant too.

Why JioSaav

  • Access to more than 55 million songs
  • Find your local music/language content
  • Download your songs and enjoy offline.

Available for free with ads and Pro version Rs.99/month and Rs.299/year

Click here to download JioSaavn.

YouTube Music

Youtube music

YouTube Music came in as the replacement of Google Music in 2020. This is an app dedicated for music from YouTube and this has almost all the songs available on YouTube videos app. That directly means every song around the world including official music videos, live shows, local bands and individuals. Users can download music to listen offline, enjoy ad-free music, play videos with the screen off unlike the normal YouTube app. There is a 30-day free trial up front, after which users must subscribe with the only plan that is available.

Why YouTube Music?

  • Access to more than a Billion songs and Offline compatibility.
  • Content beyond official albums and songs.
  • Create your playlist or use thousands of them

Available at $15 per month after a 30-day free trial.

Click here to Download YouTube Music.

Hungama Music

This is another Indian app where you will find your favourite artists and bands with all their songs and music videos. Discover new songs from all languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu etc. All genres of music can be found on this app with more importance given to Indian content because of its origin. This app doubles as a music player for your MP3 songs. This is also a great platform to listen to music offline.

Why Hungama Music?

  • Huge collection of Indian and International content.
  • Dynamic lyrics for all local music
  • Ad-free music available

Ad-free music for Premium Subscribers, Costs Rs.99/month, Rs.269/3months, and Rs.499/year.

Click here to download Hungama Music.

iHeart: Radio, Music, Podcast

iHeart: Radio, Music, Podcast

One among the most popular free music apps used in the Android community. This app has a variety of music stations, podcasts, comedy shows, and many more. iHeart has a very friendly Material Design UI and accessing millions of songs in just a few touches is great. The app has Chromecast support, Android wear support and few other cool features that calms down the thirst for music.

Why iHeart: Radio?

  • Thousands of radio stations around the world in one app.
  • Access to millions of songs, podcasts, talkback, and comedy.
  • Lyrics and more for free plan

Available in both FREE and PREMIUM versions

Click here to Download iHeart.

Wynk Music.

Wynk Music is the best offline music streaming app in India and this app has been there for a long time now. The diverse collection and HD music in this app is awesome and this app is also home to thousands of Podcasts. Creating Playlists and access to others playlists are very easy in this app because of its user friendly and simple design. Existing Airtel users get to have some cool benefits in this app, one of them is “Hellotunes”. Overall, this is app is the best app for Indian music audience and also this has the cheapest ad-free version.

Why Wynk?

  • Millions of tracks in various languages
  • Free HD music streaming and offline compatibility.
  • Find both local and international music.

Available for FREE of cost. Ad-free music for Rs.29/month

Click here to download Wynk.

Apple Music

Apple Music for Andorid

If you have converted from iOS to Android Apple Music will help you with the music. With more than 75 million songs this is one the biggest music apps around the world. The app can turn out to be a little pricey but all genres of music are available and official songs can be played without ads. Exclusive content like music documentaries and TV shows are also available in Apple Music. The app is very simple to use and friendly with respect to the UI and design. Listening to high quality songs offline is very normal in this app. If you switch music apps frequently, use this app with the 3-month free trial and search for the next one.

Why Apple Music?

  • Huge music library.
  • Impressive plans for students and Family
  • 3 months free trial without commitment.

After 3 months only the Paid version is available.

Click here to Download Apple Music

Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp can impress you with a wide variety of features which are rare inside music apps. Tag editor, fast library searching, home and lock screen widgets, and visual setting customizations are some exciting things to use inside this music app. Poweramp also gives the lyrics of the music we listen to and the graphic equalizer is a fun feature. The app can open different file formats and this is the most unique quality you will find here. After subscribing to the only affordable premium plan after the 15-day trial all the updates are free and will work flawlessly.

Why Poweramp?

  • Very powerful and easy to use.
  • High resolution output support and other output options
  • High level customization of settings and visuals

After 15 days of free trial use the Premium plan which costs below $5.

Click here to Download Poweramp.



Music from millions of artists, bands, and DJs can be heard on SoundCloud. This platform is known for its diversity of content around the world and its podcasts have a huge fan base. By subscribing to your favorite celebrity artists and other individuals you will be able to access all their music. Discovering new music and creating new playlists is very easy and this attracts many people to this app. Uploading content is very easy on SoundCloud so if you are a creator try this app.

Why SoundCloud?

  • World’s largest music and audio streaming platform.
  • More than 200 million tracks and content.
  • Connect to your community at ease.

Available in both FREE and Multiple PREMIUM plans.

Click here to Download SoundCloud.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music

On Amazon music you get access to more than 75 million songs without ad disturbances. All contents available in this app are of high quality and offline listening is available. Create and edit your own playlists and play them while you are on the go be it in your car or home stereo via Bluetooth. The market integration, cloud locker streaming and storage of music into personal devices are some extraordinary features found on Amazon Music. With an Amazon Prime subscription which most of the public generally own you can access to 2 million tracks and get other perks too.

Why Amazon Music?

  • Offline listening and ad-free listening
  • Availability of millions of podcasts
  • Hands-free listening and unlimited skips.

Available for Amazon Prime members and also has an Unlimited plan.

Click here to Download Amazon Music.

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