Best TV Shows You Can Binge on Netflix Right Now 2023 June

13th May 2023 | by Naveen M

Best TV Shows You Can Binge on Netflix Right Now - Indian Version

Binging a good series on Netflix in your free time can be relaxing. But selecting the best series to binge can be a big challenge. If you have an active account which has access to all content you don’t want to waste time searching. Though Netflix suggests you some series time after again, they would not meet your needs most of the time. In this article you will find some of the best binge-worthy series on Netflix.

Most of the series mentioned below are limited series, hence you can binge them without worrying about the length of the episodes. So select one of them by clicking the link below each of the series and enjoy.

The End of the F***ing world.

A dark comedy series based on the comic book series by Charles Forsman. End of the f***ing world is a story of two adolescent students who have different backgrounds and characteristics. The screenplay is good and how both the male and female lead carry the show will keep you engaged. With only two seasons that have a total of 16 episodes this series can be a great option.

Watch End of the f***ing World.

The Queen’s Gambit.

You would have definitely come across this show on your Netflix suggestion list. Don’t scroll and skip this elite limited series because it has all the elements that make it a gem. With just seven episodes, this series beautifully shows how an orphan follows her dream to become the best Chess player in the world.

Watch The Queen’s Gambit.

Never Have I Ever

A coming-of-age drama that shows how an Indian-American school student deals with adolescence. The show briefly concentrates on teenage friendships at school, and other humorous situations which make it a good watch.

Watch Never Have I Ever.

Sex education

Sex Education is easily the best comedy-drama series in this list. A reluctant high school student Otis comes across an unique challenge that deals with sex advice for his peers. The show is a great hit and the third season is going to release soon with a ton of expectations.

Watch Sex Education.

Emily in Paris

A marketing professional Emily takes up a job in Paris which has its own challenges. The romance and comedies departments are a great plus and this limited series will be a perfect binge-watch. All 10 episodes are entertaining and Paris has been shot beautifully to complement this series.

Watch Emily in Paris.


Lupin is a French crime thriller, available in English, that is based on a fictional literary character. A classic thief executes a theft and tries to find the truth about his father. The storyline is a little tricky but for binge watchers this series can be a treat.

Watch Lupin.

Ginny & Georgia

A quality comedy drama that shows how Georgia, a single mom of two kids, tries to start fresh life moving to a new place. All teenage humor and sarcasm are enjoyable and every episode is an hour long with a good screenplay. This show can excite you so don’t miss it.

Watch Ginny & Georgia.

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