FIIL Diva Pro headphone with inbuilt storage

6th February 2018 | by vetri

The FIIL Diva Pro is that kind of headset but its a smart headphone not like anything you have seen or heard  before. The headphone uses motion sensor technology to figure out when the head has moved out from between the headphones and pauses music from that moment on. The Voice search automatically changes the playlist ,songs. It has 4GB Built-in storage and HD audio player. On this the technology used is  Patented MyAudioFilter and also Motion sensor technology. The device can be controlled by voice command, also by bluetooth connected devices. It can be connected  Up to 8 devices, simultaneously connect with AAC (for iOS)/Apt- X/SBC and Flac/AAC/MP3/APE/WAV/OGG. I would like the headphone that switch off when it is folded . The battery life is very good and lasts close to 15 hours with constant despite all the LEDs and noise cancellation. I would recommend these headphones for those who want to look for good noise cancellation option that covers their every need.

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