Hidden Gems on Netflix | Editors Choice – Under Rated

25th June 2024 | by Naveen M

Hidden Gems on Netflix | Editors Choice - Under Rated | Indian Edition

Sometimes you keep on thumbing through the Netflix thumbnails but end up with nothing that makes you click. In other words, Netflix is an ocean of video content and finding the best shows and movies to watch can be tough. If you are done with the popular and hit series on Netflix it is time to watch some underrated or obscure content that might surprise you. This article contains an interesting set of series that might help you kill time on Netflix.

1. Black Mirror


Black Mirror is a science fiction anthology series that will take you to the near future and show what the tech world will be like. The variety of innovative concepts are mind blowing as it covers everything that future technology (from Artificial Intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, to Infrastructure hacking) holds for us. Every episode is unique and some just take us to another world, which basically will be our future with high-end tech. Most of the content teaches the danger that awaits us because of human’s never-ending hunger for new technology.

Since it is an anthology, there will be no continuity problems in any of the 5 seasons that are available. Every episode is fascinating and each of them span for about an hour or a little more. But don’t worry about the length because the concepts are just amazing.

Watch it here.

2. Love Death + Robots


This is another anthology series that has short animated stories created by some of the finest minds in the animation industry. Every episode is of a different genre, and each of them are created by a different set of world-class animation creators. You can find content based on robotics, horror, astronomy, comedy, and whatnot.

Every episode is directed crisply within just 10-15 minutes and every animated character delivers an outstanding performance. If you are not a fan of series that have long episodes, this is what you are searching for.

Watch it here.

3. The 100


Based on books, this sci-fi political TV show is a long but very futuristic drama. The story is based on people who survive a nuclear apocalypse and try to get back to earth from a space station residency. You might take some time to catch up with the concept, but once you fall in the groove this series will be captivating.

There are a total of 100 episodes which are divided into 7 seasons. The end of every episode and season boosts our eagerness to know what’s coming next and this quality cuts out the worries about the series being long. Just try to stick along the first few episodes, you will definitely find this series interesting.

Watch it here.

4. On My Block


On my block is exactly the content you want to binge. The story revolves around a group of teenagers who explore adolescence in south central Los Angeles. The show contains all kinds of emotions and puts teenage friendships and coming-of-age problems up front as a major part in the lives of the characters in the story.

There are 3 seasons with 28 episodes and each of them are around 30 minutes long. This can be a great time killer if you are looking for a light weighted drama of high school students.

Watch it here.

5. Master of none

If you are looking for a comedy-drama television series which should be really fun to watch, then Master of none will help you. The story is based on the real life experience of a person who lives in New York with Asian roots. The challenges and experiences that the male lead faces are very relatable and the connection just keeps us glued to the screens.

There are 3 chapters available now and the last was released recently. The show has won a Primetime Emmy award for Outstanding writing for a comedy series and a Golden Globe award for best actor.

Watch it here.

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