Best Private Browsers in Android for Secured Browsing – Privacy 2024 June

1st January 2023 | by Naveen M

Best Private Browsers in Android for Secured Browsing - Privacy

Indian Version: Privacy is the most valuable asset in the world of the Internet. No users want to be tracked for various reasons and this privacy concern can be taken care of by the browsers that netizens use. Every smartphone comes with a default browser but the question is whether it is a safe one or not. In this article, you will find the best private browser that will keep all your data and activities online safe. Read about each of the browsers mentioned below and click the link below to download them.

10 Best Browser Apps for Android Smartphone Users – Advance features for comfort

Top 5 Best Private Browsers for Secured Browsing – Privacy for Free

Tor Browser: Official, Private, & Secure

Tor - VPN, Proxy, Privacy browser


  • Privacy
  • Multilayer encryption
  • Free


  • Slow Connection because of Proxy
  • Poor maintenance

Tor browser is the safest browsing app in this list of Android browsers. Whenever you browse Tor connects to a proxy network that hides your activities online. The functions and performance are similar to that of Firefox so you will not feel foreign. Apart it runs on Tor, short for The Onion Router. – the most popular open-source project for privacy.

The load time in this browser can be a bit longer when compared to others. But if you want to be safe and secure online, Tor is the best browsing app.


DuckDuckGo - The privacy Browser


  • Very Private
  • Block ad tracking
  • Encrypted connections


  • Nothing advanced
  • No VPN without a dedicated VPN app

DuckDuckGo is a free browser that gives more importance to privacy. You might find this app more restrictive if you have a history with browsers like Chrome and Firefox. The app blocks tracking and avoid ads that disturb users while on browsers. 

Overall, if you prefer privacy and nothing fancy this is the app you should download. The app has a decent UI and a neat performance on Android.

Brave Private Browser: Secure, fast web browser

Brave Private Browser: Secure, fast web browser


  • Ad-blocking
  • Private browsing
  • Encrypted connections


  • Slow loading
  • Lack of features

Brave private browser is one of the latest browsers on Android with strong privacy features. The browser has an inbuilt ad-blocker and it also blocks third party cookies to avoid tracking. The interface of this app is similar to Chrome so people switching from Chrome to Brave will find it more friendly.

The app’s dark mode is a great plus and its nature of using HTTPS everywhere makes it very secure to search anything. Brave browser also has a video playback feature that allows users to play video and audio even when they are in the background.

Dolphin Browser – Fast, Private & Adblock🐬

Dolphin Browser - Fast, Private & Adblock


  • Ad Blocker
  • Attractive themes
  • Voice search and UI


  • Not very engaging

This is one of the successful Android browsers with a good set of features. There is theming, ad blocks, gesture controls, and customizable settings for engaging browsing experience. Sharing content via Dolphin browser is very easy so regular social media users will find Dolphin very friendly.

Dolphin browser has a very good UI and it supports fast download (even flash videos). There is extension support on this browser but choosing this app needs precise requirements.


InBrowser – Incognito Browsing

InBrowser - Incognito Browsing


  • Incognito/privacy 
  • pFree
  • In-app video support


  • Not very engaging
  • Decent looks

InBrowser is another Android browser that puts privacy Upfront. There are several features that make this app a safe place for browsing. It uses the Tor network to maintain anonymity which is very useful online today. The design is very simple and clean and the app has support to file downloads.

The app has more than a million users worldwide but this app can still get better in certain areas. For top privacy and security this app is totally recommended.

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