‘Reply’ is now available for download – brings Smart Replies to Twitter, WhatsApp, Messages and more

21st February 2018 | by sekar

Here is the link to download “Reply “- brings Smart Replies to Twitter, WhatsApp, Messages and more application.

Earlier last week we saw “Reply” – Google’s experimental project at Area 120. to bring Smart Replies functionality to all of other messaging apps such as Skype, Facebook Messanger, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, Allo. Smart Reply is a feature that could automatically recommend replies based on the context of messages you received.

Today the first beta version of the app is rolled out by Google. The app just replaces the default notification from twitter, facebook or from other apps with its own notification. Below the original text, it will show the smart reply options that I can send back. Here are the few snapshots that we took on our mobile.

It will also act as an intelligent messenger by pulling information from the location, maps, and from Callander. You can set the automatic reply mode – if you are in traveling, biking etc. The app also comes with spam filter and message screening. You can set the location of your home and work location so that it itself to determine and answer the expected time of arrival if you get a text from your significant another asking when you’ll be home?. However, you must need to connect with your Google account after installing the app.

However, the app currently supports Facebook Messenger, Skype, Whatsapp, Android Messages, Slack, and Hangouts. But Google is working on giving support to other apps like Telegram, Hike, Allo, Instagram and much more.

Here is the link to download (click here) and try Reply. you can sign in Area 120 to get the link from Google.


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