Android smartphones are getting hit by cryptocurrency mining Malware’s

14th February 2018 | by sekar

Android mobiles are the found to be hit with cryptocurrency mining malwares by hackers

As the cryptocurrencies are getting popular at one side and the debate on opposing it getting stronger. As they are mined by computer’ s, here comes the big problem that hackers injects malware into others system to mine the coins. You may heard that last weak around  5000 websites are hit by cryptocurrency malwares that includes few US and UK government websites. and now its on Android mobiles and tablets.

A team of anti-malware software Malwarebytes reported that a new strain of malware that is redirecting Android owners to pages that use the device’s processing power to mine cryptocurrency.

The malware was first discovered by them in a special investigation campaign last month. The campaign was specifically created to test a malvertising chain on Windows and Chrome that would lead to tech support scams, but when they tested the same chain on Android they found that they were “redirected via a series of hops to that crypto mining page.”

The malware page features a warning message and a CAPTCHA code. Until the user enters the code, the website will proceed to mine Monero cryptocurrency (XMR) at full speed. Malwarebytes found several identical domains, all of which use the same CAPTCHA code.

“Your device is showing suspicious surfing behaviour. Please prove that you are human by solving the captcha.”

The first was registered in November 2017, while the latest of the five domains they found (of which there may be many more) was registered less than a month ago. It is estimated to mine currencies worth few thousand dollars per month as it has 400,000 page views per day, with visitors spending around four minutes.  Malwarebytes team estimates that the five domains it identified attain around 800,000 visits per day, with visitors spending an average of four minutes on the site. It’s impossible to determine how much money they will earn accurately, due to the unpredictable fluctuation of cryptocurrencies means that the profit could increase exponentially overnight.

Though mobiles and tablets are not that powerful as compared to the computers and other servers, the chance of getting hacked are higher.  It is advisable to use some security tools on your android devices as this malware are not only nuisance, it also causes severe damage to your device hardware when used heavily.

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