How to Use FaceTime on Android Smartphone

7th July 2023 | by Naveen M

Simple guide to use facetime on your android smartphone
FaceTime is an in-built video/audio calling app found in iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The app was exclusive for Apple users until they welcomed Android users recently. This door opening has happened because of the Internet based learning and working culture. In this post you will find how Android users can participate in a FaceTime call.

First, you should know that only an iOS user can initiate a FaceTime call. Android users can only participate using the call link and the acceptance of the call initiator. Hence, they must only worry about how they are going to join the call.

Note: This feature of inviting Android and Windows users into FaceTime was released with the iOS 15 update. So only Apple users using the latest version of iOS on their device can invite you.

Once the iOS user initiates a call and sends you an invitation via Message, Email, or other apps follow the below-given instructions. Also, make sure you are connected to a strong Wi-Fi or cellular Internet.

How Android users can join a FaceTime call.

  • Click on the link for it to open in your default browser. Or copy the link and paste it inside the address bar of your favourite browser.
  • Enter your name in the text box and tap on continue.
  • You will see a pop-up on the next page with a Join Button, Click it.
  • Now your request will be sent to the call link creator and they have to let you in.

After the iOS user clicks Join on their device, you will be a part of the call. You can leave the call anytime by tapping on the Leave button during the call. Other controls like mic, camera, more can be seen as buttons on the call and they can be used when needed.

To know more about FaceTime for Android users, Visit Apple Support.

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