Google Maps may soon come up with battery status sharing

12th February 2018 | by sekar

Is some one always caring about you on travelling, Here comes the good news in tracking your location with your battery status.

Had you ever wanted to know if someone made it home safely, but didn’t know anything until he/she call you back?.  The new real-time location sharing allows you to share your location with others for a specific period of time, Which helps on many occasions like meet up at certain locations, tracking you while traveling by your friends or family to confirm your safety, etc. As the real-time location sharing helped a lot, It comes a trouble for other if your battery dies. Considering this google is planning to add battery status sharing with its app.

Android Police has recently spotted code a Google Maps beta for Android that hints at sharing your remaining battery life alongside your location. You’d only get a generic range (likely because charge levels can change minute-to-minute), but this could be helpful if a friend’s phone is running low on their way home from a night out. If enabled the information would be presented as, “Sushmi’s battery level is between 50% ” So it would also communicate when the battery is very low.

It also expected that some new features such as sharing more of your trip details like the exact time of your arrival at a given stop, shortcuts for favorite stations, potentially to influence Maps’ directions, etc.  As of now the battery stats feature with other new features listed above are not enabled in Google Maps, but the fact the functionality is there and I expect it to be enabled sooner rather than later.

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