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12th January 2018 | by sekar

The smartphone market over the world are growing faster and faster, The LG one the world’s biggest consumer electronics company also coming with its own model regularly.

LG release its latest flagship mobile LG V30+ this year. The main features of LG V30+ is its Top-end Hardware. On their side LG also claimed that LG V30 plus is a media centric mobile. Here is the in depth review of LG V30+.

Design & Built Quality

The LG V30+ comes with curvy corner display, smaller bezels and Curvy back glass panel makes the phone looking quite solid and premium. Even though the phone comes with 6 inch display, it is comfortable to hold the phone in a single hand. Also this phone has to be the lightest flagship android phone and it’s quite noticeable when you had call for longer time. Thankfully the bump in the back camera is less than 1mm, this where now a days I am afraid about the design of all smartphones. There’s a USB Type-C port and a single speaker cut out on the bottom, and a 3.5mm audio socket on the top

LG Differentiated its brand by keeping the power button at the back. We personally find this inconvenient. We can move on to gestures and face recognition instead of that power-button.


The phone comes with 6 inch PAMOLED screen with the latest 18:9 ratio. The display is slightly curved through the corners. Though Google Pixel 2 XL and LG V30+ uses the same PAMOLED panel The Quad HD+ resolution of this mobile looks fantastic and punchy than the Pixel 2 XL. Unlike other PAMOLED panels the LG V30+ is clear to use even in outdoor and at day light

It also has always-on display mode with many templates, which gives you some useful information on the screen without needing to wake or unlock the phone.

Camera Performance

The phone comes with dual camera setup, One with 16 MP regular camera and the other with 13 MP wide angle lens. It is a surprise move by LG to come up with the wide angle lens instead of telephoto lens in this flagship mobile, but we liked it a lot. It also has Optical Image Stabilization which stabilizes the video very well.

Though we missed the dedicated portrait mode offered by other flagship, the closed image taken with 1.6 aperture comes with background blur. With the high resolution camera and bright lens you can capture sharp and clear photos with fine details. But when comes to low light images it is not up to the flagship’s available in the market now. At night time shots are under exposing made it down. The phone also has only 5MP front facing camera, it is quite average when compared to the flagships.

The phone also has more than 15 modes to shoot pictures and videos, which is one of the add-on to be considered.

Phone Performance

The LG V30+ comes with the Snapdragon 835 chipset is one of the top end chipset in the market, with 4GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage.  The General performance of the phone was really good. Till now we did not find any lags on its performance. Even with the less 4GB RAM the applications loads at lightning fast. I do appreciate it for it’s great memory management.

We really doesn’t like the UI available in the Phone, as the UI is little childish and have multiple layers which makes you feel confused. You may try some other launcher like Microsoft launcher, etc., to go ahead with the user friendly UI.


The phone is packed with multiple sensors with it. The fingerprint sensor at the back is very responsive. The sensor is placed at a very comfortable spot to reach with your index finger.

The phone also has a Face id, which is pretty technically impressive to use it. The sensor works good, but still some improvements are needed to sense more accurately and I recommend to use fingerprint sensor for more security.


The battery life of this mobile is pretty good. With the Quad HD+ display settings the battery do powered the phone for more than a day with 5 hours of display on time even with Always-on- display. But on extensive gaming the battery tends to fall a lot quicker.

The phone also supports both fast charging and wireless charging.

Speaker and Headphone

Though LG claimed that this is the media centric mobile, the speaker of this phone was not that much great. It has a single speaker at the top. Though it is louder, when it comes to the quality it’s not quite that much inspiring. We can simply say it is just ok.

Here comes the best part for audio lovers. Really the audio that you get from the headphone jack is awesome. When you used with the good pair of headset the audio output will be glorious. It has a dedicated Hi-Fi DAC with a dedicated DAC mode settings with lot of customisation for audio lovers and is an impressive one.

Dust and Water Proof                                           

The phone has IP68 – Dust and Waterproof certification, it is also noticed that the phone worked well after being submerged in the water and taken away after few min. This phone has IP68 even when compared the top seeded Apple X with IP67

Network connectivity

The cellular call connectivity in this phone is the best, when compared with all other flagships. The call quality of this phone is also very good and clear.


Overall the LG V30+ is the light weight well balanced smartphone packed with lot more features with less concentrated on camera hardware and optimization.


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