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23rd May 2024 | by Naveen M

Find out what’s up with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. See whether this console would do well for you and your gaming.

Xbox X series - review, specification and key features offered to gamers

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is easily the best Xbox ever with amazing abilities and performance. The Xbox series X launched globally on November 10, 2020, that is, just before the release of Sony’s PS5. This particular Xbox is very interesting because of its price range that is very competitive. The mixture of technical advancement and drastic reduction in load time makes this Xbox the pinnacle of console gaming. This post is going to tell you everything about Xbox series X and let you decide whether it will be good for you.

Before we get into the features and review, let’s quickly look into what is good and bad with this Xbox.

What’s Improved

  • Faster loading time than before.
  • Dolby Vision and Atmos support.
  • 4K/60fps gameplay (4K/120Hz support).
  • Simple and effective design.
  • Awesome backward compatibility for hundreds of games.
  • Power packed Xbox.


  • Less next-gen launch games.
  • Big and hefty.
  • No exclusive library.
  • Lesser UI improvements than expected.
  • TV compatibility is required for full visual experience.

Specifications of Xbox Series X.

The specs of the Xbox Series X are quite superb and you need to know where all the upgrades have happened from Xbox series S.

Processor: Custom AMD Zen 2, 8-core, 3.8GHz

GPU: AMD RDNA 2, 12 teraflops, 1.8 GHz


Storage: 1TB

Display: 4K, 60 fps; Max : 8K, 120 fps

Price: $500

We can see that there is a significant raise in the Price of Xbox series X from Series S, but the set has some upgrades that are worth the money. The processor is still the same when compared to Series S but the GPU has gotten a good update. RAM has increased 6 GB from 10GB in Series S to 16GB in Series X. The storage is now 1TB and not 512GB so there is going to be huge space to store stuff. The display is where a lot of improvements have taken place. With compatible televisions we can see 8K quality at 120 frames per second. There are a lot more interesting features you must know about the Xbox Series X and you will find them in the detailed review given below.

Xbox Series X Detailed Review.

Series X: Design

The Xbox Series X is quite big in size and it would not be any over-exaggeration if you feel it looks like a PC. You can make the console stand upright or keep it horizontal according to your convenience. The monolithic design is clean, modern, and sleek and this is why the PC design is no big concern.

The cuboid-shaped console weighs 4.45 Kgs and it measures 15.1 x 15 x 30.1cm. The finish is matte black all over and you will find a green hue inside the cooling vents on the top.

The power button is given pretty straightforwardly at the top left of the console. You will find a disc drive with an eject button at the bottom-left, and a pairing button and USB 3.2 port at the bottom-right (the pairing button also acts as an IR receiver). The cooling vents are found on the backside along with a HDMI 2.1 output port, two USB 3.2 ports, one networking port, a storage expansion slot and a power input port.

The console emits the same amount of heat as Xbox One X and it is extremely quiet while working. The design should be welcome by all grown-ups, as the minimalistic looks and the simple design make a console a good box to have. The evolution from the flat and compact One S and One X models is good for all. The matte finish is good for people who often scuff and scratch the console but you can’t keep dirt away.

Series X: Interface and Quick Resume

There is no big change with respect to the User Interface on Xbox Series X. The UI is very identical to that of the Xbox One and you will not find anything new. This can be looked at in two ways, for people who were expecting a new design this is a turn off, but not changing much with the UI can feel good for some Xbox users. All the options are at the same place and the management of games and apps are smooth like before. Transferring data between drives and calibrating HDR displays is easy with this UI and other stuff like audio kit is well accessible

The ability to remotely access your console continues and streaming games over a local Wi-Fi connection is still possible on Xbox series X. If you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, streaming a range of Xbox games to an Android device becomes possible. Another interesting fact about series X is that cross-platform syncing is present in it. After installing Xbox One games on your new Series x, the interface will allow you to continue from where you left on your earlier Xbox. This is cool because you save so much time.

The most important new UI feature with Xbox Series X is the Quick Resume. Simply put, this feature allows you to have multiple games loaded up at the same time. You can come out of a game in one title, then start another game, and then go back to the first game again where you discontinued. This is like having the option of pausing a game in the middle and playing another game at the same time.

The loading time of the game is decent as it is faster than starting from scratch. This feature puts Xbox above PS5 as they don’t have any feature that is near to Quick Resume. This is excellent because gamers can switch from a  single-player game into a multiplayer one whenever they want and join their friends online.

Series X: Performance

The Xbox Series X might look simple and sleek from the outside, but it is actually a beast inside. The main upgrade is the difference in loading times. Games load significantly faster with this box and the stable nature of this Xbox is cool. The custom chip and graphic unit supplied by AMD is making things smooth while playing games. Power delivered by Xbox Series X (12.15 teraflops) is higher when compared to its competition PlayStation 5 (10.28 teraflops).

The number of games that are optimized for Xbox Series X now is higher than the games that were available when Series X was released. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is one of the games that comes with impressive visuals and graphics setting. We can also call it the best game played on new games console hardware. Though this game did not stand up to the standards of the PS5 version in the beginning, after major patches things are great on Series X.

Another game that has got full optimization for Xbox Series X is Gears 5. The game can now run at 4K resolution and up to 120 frames per second if there is compatible television with you. There are some notable upgrades in Gears 5s visuals when compared to the One X version. Ultra settings are used in this console and this can be found in the PC version. This setting improves texture detailing and makes a lot of differences to lighting and shadow details.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the game where you will find a big difference. A saved file in Series X takes nearly just half of the loading time. That is, One X took about 1 minute 28 seconds to load from the main menu whereas the Xbox Series X takes just 38 seconds. This is a huge upgrade and people who don’t want to wait too much to play a game will love it.

Series X: Controller

The evolution of the controller from Xbox 360 to Xbox Wireless Controller is neat and good for gaming. A change that you will notice on the controller is the share button that can be used for sharing recordings and screenshots with a simple tap. Then there is the D-pad which is a hybrid one. You can be more precise with your moves using the concave disk and this will be more helpful for the old beat-em-ups. The controller now has a more matte finish and it matches the Xbox button which is also black.

The controller fits well in the hands like its predecessor but you will find some size difference in the triggers as they feel smaller. The shoulder buttons are a little tactile too. So there are no big changes that feel revolutionary with the controller. Finally, the controller still uses AA batteries for power and for people who are expecting a rechargeable battery pack that charges via USB-C it is a disappointment.

Series X: Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass has been around for a long time now and it is advisable for everyone to pick up an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription if they are opting to buy a Xbox Series X. This pass would let you access hundreds of Xbox One games and this includes first-party Xbox games on day one. If you pair your Game Pass subscription with your new console, it can be more money-saving as you will not spend on brand new games.

Microsoft has confirmed that we will be seeing future first-party Xbox games reach the service on launch day. There will be Bethesda games included in this. We can see this coming as there are more titles (many Bethesda titles) added to the Game Pass in the last few months.

Series X review: Ports

The front side of the Xbox Series X is clean and simple as mentioned before with only one USB 3.1 Type-A port and a Blu-ray disc drive. A wireless controller pairing button can also be found and this makes it easy to plug a controller. Note that this will be comfortable for transferring games and saves using external hard drives to and from the Series X.

On the back, there are a wide range of options when it comes to ports. You will have an HDMI 2.1 port which is very important for gaming at 8K. Compatible TVs can use this port for the 120 frames per second frame rate that is found in few games. The other ports are the two USB 3.1 ports that are used for external storage. These keep you connected to your console. Ethernet port and Kensington lock are also found on the back.

The optical audio connection or HDMI-in port that were available on Xbox One and One X are extinct in Xbox Series X. This will be a negative only for people who use powerful sound systems. If you are a gamer who plays with low audio this will not worry you. Note that the HDMI connection can still carry Dolby Atmos and surround sound signals.

Finally, another important port needs a mention, it is the expansion slot. Gamers can use this for the external PCIe 4.0 SSD that helps in expanding  the Series X with an extra 1 TB.

Series X: Price and availability

The Xbox Series X is a year old and it is still hard to buy. Most of the retailers are out of stock and you would have to try for months. All the new stocks get sold in hours and keeping the semiconductor shortage in mind this scenario is worrying.

The price of Xbox Series X is very similar to that of the PlayStation 5. The prices start from $499 in the U.S. and this is a little more expensive than the PS5 Digital Edition ($399). Hope you find your Xbox Series X soon at a good rate soon.


If you are a gamer who wants minimal loading times and smoother gameplay, Xbox Series X is recommended. There are some upgrades that have taken place inside the console and they reflect well while used. The perfect and best ever audiovisual multimedia experience must be a treat for people who give importance to visuals. The extensive control over storage can be good to have and comfortable for management. While these are good to read there are some negatives too. If you want an exclusive game library, Xbox Series X is not your Xbox. Know that you must own at least a 4K TV to reap all the features of Series X. And there is no big full next-gen UI yet. So look at both sides before you buy the Xbox Series X for next-level gaming.

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