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15th January 2023 | by Naveen M

Best Torrent Downloader apps for Android Users

Torrent websites come in handy when you are in search of something which is out of your reach on the Internet. They are the home to an infinite number of files of different kinds and most of them are pirated. But sometimes torrent also has some files that are legal to be downloaded and important.

We assume that most of you reading this article are movie downloaders and that’s understandable with the modern day subscription-based media consumption. To download torrent files that are available on torrent sites, you must have a competent app (Torrent client) that makes the process smooth. While there are a number of options available on the Play Store, this article is going to help you find the best of them. So hang on till the end and find the best app that will suit you from the list given below.


BitTorrent is one of the most famous torrent downloaders and you must have heard about this app already. This app will be recommended by everyone for Android because of its simple yet attractive working style. The UI is great and sometimes feels like a clone to uTorrent (which we will see later). The integrated Music and Video library lets us access the Phone’s media and the app also has a music and video player. There is no size limit and hence huge files are not a problem. The Wi-Fi only option is available and also the app lets us select where we want to download our files.

Free and pro version removes ads.

Flud- Torrent Downloader

First app on this list is Flud. The user interface is as simple as it gets in this app and that is the first plus. Flud is a powerful downloader of torrent files and downloading heavy files brings no issues. There are many other features that impress the users, such as, magnet links, different protocols, two themes including dark mode, RSS feed support, and the ability to deal with large files. Stopping, Pausing, and Restarting are possible in this app while downloading torrent files and that makes the app more flexible to use. There are no specific speed limits for your downloads and uploads and works very well with regular updates.

Available for FREE.

Vuze Torrent Downloader

Vuze is another great free Android app for torrent downloading. The app is famous with desktop users because of its features but the Android version of the app is a little overshadowed by other torrent giants. The app has a built-in torrent search and there is a wi-fi only mode to avoid using mobile data. The download and upload speeds can be configured on Vuze and it can also notify users after the downloads are complete. The biggest positive with this app is that it has a straightforward interface without any complications.

Available for FREE.

µTorrent- Torrent Downloader

If you want to download torrent files at high speeds then uTorrent is your ideal torrent downloader. The app is fast, light and very powerful to download any heavy files as it uses BitTorrent hyper distribution communications protocol for P2P file sharing. The simple design and ease to share files and torrents are found to be a great plus also there are no speed limits and download size limits here. The integrated music and video players let us enjoy the downloaded file at their best quality. When searching for torrent files the magnet link can be used and this cuts down extra steps while downloading. Choosing file destination, wi-fi only mode, and choosing files to download inside torrents are some other great features.

Free – pro version removes ads.

FrostWire: Torrent Downloader & Music Player

FrostWire is a modern and popular torrent downloader on Android with some decent basic features. Both .torrent files and magnet links are supported with this app. There is a torrent searcher available on this app to find files that we want to download. The music player and media player that come with this app are good and downloaded files can be run there. All the other features are normal and this app can satisfy your needs.

Free – Offers in-app purchases

TorrDroid – Torrent Downloader

Torrdroid is one of the latest torrent apps available for Android users and the app ticks most of the boxes to become a good torrent downloader. This app comes with a list of features that contain magnet links support, variety of protocols, Wi-Fi only downloads, Torrent search, and many more. The design is simple with advertisements which cannot be removed because there is no paid version of TorrDroid.

Free – Offers in-app purchases


This app is another torrent downloader that contains all the basic features expected in a Torrent client. The important features include number of protocols, magnet links, changeable download settings, RSS function and built-in search. There is proxy support and IP filtering available for technical users and that makes this app more friendly to complex users. Overall, this app can help you download torrent files easily and it has a premium version that removes ads.



WeTorrent can handle both torrent files and magnet links on Android gadgets and this app can work great on your phone too. The app has a neat material design and downloading files directly to phones and tablets is easier. The usual features like wi-fi only mode, no speed limits, and multiple simultaneous downloads are found in this app so this will not disappoint you. Users can pause, resume and stop downloading at any time and this is another plus.

Free – Offers in-app purchases


LibreTorrent is packed with a set of features that make this app an excellent torrent downloader for Android users. Scheduling, Dark and black theme, folder priorities, automatic movement of files to directories, magnet link support are some cool features on this app. This app is supported on Android TV and this is something you won’t find with other apps. With this app users can create torrents and this app supports big files.


Advanced Download Manager & Torrent downloader

This torrent downloader is a good performer except this app has a few constraints. The app can download up to five files simultaneously but they can be accelerated using the multithreading option. The app can download to SD when used with Lollipop and Marshmallow. The speed of downloading is good as the app is built using smart algorithm. The app can support large file downloads and changing of maximum speed in real time is possible. The interface customization and themes are good with other general features working fine. The app has a great rating on the Play Store so give it a try by clicking the link below.

Free – Offers in-app purchases

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