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8th May 2024 | by Naveen M

Watching movies shot based on true stories can highly impact our daily dosage of motivation. Also, finding inspiration through OTT platforms is easy when you start watching biographies. In this article, you will read about some of the stimulating real stories that have been made into movies or series. The list contains films and series that are available on Netflix, Amazon, and Hotstar. Hence, even if you have just one of them subscribed you can watch a biography today. Scroll down and pick the movie you are going to watch.

The spy

Released in 2019, The Spy is about the true story of a spy named Eli Cohen from Israel. There are just six episodes that show how Eli Cohan infiltrated the Syrian government in the mid 20th century. If you are a fan of thriller and military-based biopics, this is the series you are searching for.

Watch The Spy on Netflix.


Based on the true incidents that happened in the life of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computers, this movie is an epic biopic. Most of us are familiar with the Steve Jobs story but watching this film will give more insights and inspiration. The leadership qualities of Steve jobs have been portrayed beautifully and other characters like Wozniak also add some quality weight to the movie.

Watch Jobs on Netflix.

The Imitation Game.

A thrilling historical drama about an underrated British mathematician who breaks the German code during WWII. Benedict Cumberbatch as Turing has played the lead role and his acting brings more value to the role.

Watch The Imitation Game on Prime Video.

The Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything is a biography of the legendary physicist Stephen Hawking directed by James Marsh. The movie beautifully shows the romantic life of Hawking and also about how he suffers from motor neuron disease. The Black Hole research and his thesis about it is very interesting. If you love physics and space science, this movie is a must watch.

Watch The Theory of Everything on Prime Video.

Ford v Ferrari

An American sports drama film that shows the rise of Ford by beating Ferrari in the 24-hour Le Mans endurance race. This movie has rightfully bagged many awards for editing, direction, and sound including two Academy awards. You will definitely feel inspired after watching this movie so don’t miss it.

Watch Ford v Ferrari on Hotstar

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

An interesting documentary with three parts about the early life of Bill Gates and his future goals. Starring Bill Gates himself taking part in entertaining interviews this Netflix docuseries can be a fun and also an informative content.

Watch Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates on Netflix.


Will Smith has acted in this promising biopic that portrays one of the all time boxing greats Muhammad Ali. This movie is an absolute cult that has won several awards and also was a box-office hit. If sports-drama is your favorite genre, no other film can match this gem.

Watch Ali on Prime Video.

The Founder

An ambitious salesman turns into a small hamburger restaurant (McDonald’s) owner and makes it one of the biggest restaurant chains in the world. This biopic is a light but impressive movie that can be a good watch anytime. The screenplay and storytelling can be a little off but overall the film tells some promising messages.

Watch The Founder on Netflix.


The story of how Edward Joseph Snowden, an American intelligence consultant, exposes the US surveillance projects. The movie is not just about the Snowden incident but also shows how privacy is breached in the modern tech world.

Watch Snowden on Netflix.

The Social Network

The Social Network is the story of Mark Zuckerberg and how he revolutionized social media using Facebook. Directed by David Fincher, this biographical drama has won several awards including Golden Globes and Academy awards.

Watch The Social Network on Netflix.

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