IP67 vs IPx7 Waterproof – Which Is Better?

7th May 2023 | by Naveen M

A clear comparison between IP67 and IPX7 to know which IP rating is the better one.

Difference between IP67 and IPx7 waterproof ratings

Almost all devices, like smartphones, smartwatches, and AirPods, come with an IP rating that denotes the level of protection a product has. Sometimes this feature of the product is taken as the most important feature for promotions and ads. But do you know what IP ratings really mean? Read this article till the end to know about IP ratings and check the comparison between IP67 and IPX7.

First let’s see what an Ingress Protection or IP rating means and then compare IP67 to IPX7 with a better knowledge about Ingress protection.

IP ratings explained

All gadgets need a level of protection to encounter the challenges in the environments they are used. For, example, if you use your phone in a dusty place or spill and spray water on it, the phone needs some sort of protection to avoid damage. This is where Ingress Protection or IP comes in.

Ingress Protection or IP rating is a system that refers to the level of protection offered by an electronic device. All IP ratings use a two-digit number (e.g., IP67, IP68) to indicate the level of protection offered.

The first digit denotes the Ingress  protection against solid objects like dust, fingers, and small tools. This is usually “6” (the highest) and it means the device has got a dust-tight enclosure. But if there is an “X” or 0 in that place, it means there is no protection.

The second digit denotes the Ingress protection against water. The second digit ranges from 0 to 8 and the lower the number is lesser its water tolerance would be. Note that this rating considers only water and not other liquids like oil and more.

IP67 vs IPX7: The comparison

If you had read the above passages, you must have partially figured out what IP67 and IPX7 mean. To compare and pick the best we need to know the characteristics of both the Ingress protection ratings.

Protection levels in IP67 products.

  • Completely dust-tight so no dust particles can enter the product.
  • The product can resist water for up to 30 minutes.
  • A depth of 15 cm to 1 meter of water can be tolerated for 30 minutes.
  • Toys, electronics, gadgets, etc. have the IP67 rating.

Protection levels in IPX7 products.

  • The “X” in IPX7 denotes no protection against high dust or dirt. So intrusion is highly possible.
  • IPX7 products can resist 15cm to 1 meter of water.
  • The “7” in IPX7 denotes the ability to remain immersed in water for up to 30 minutes.
  • Electronics, high-end devices and gadgets have the IPX7 ratings.

The result.

Comparing IP67 and IPX7, we can see that the IP67 enclosure is the better Ingress protection. This is clearly because of the additional protection to dust and dirt. Products with IP67 ratings are both dust-tight (fully dustproof) and waterproof under higher water pressures. Hence IP67 rated products can be used in dusty environments as well as wet/moist environments.

Meanwhile, products with IPX7 ratings are completely waterproof (equal to IP67) but there is no protection against dust and dirt. You cannot use the IPX7 product in a dirty place as the intrusion of dust particles can damage the device.

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