The 20 Most Useful “OK Google” Commands for Google Home – Google Smart Speaker

30th January 2023 | by sekar

Here are the 20 most useful and basic “Ok Google” commands that might be helpful for you at many times. – Google Assistant 2023 January - March.

The 20 Most Useful “OK Google” Commands for Google Home - Google Smart Speaker

Last year Google came with an affordable smart speaker fully powered by Google Assistant – Google Home. It was purely designed to compete with Amazon’s Echo and Dot speaker powered by Alexa. Apart from being the speaker it also acts as a real AI assistant in doing some smart jobs. As everyone knows Google Assistant is available on almost all smartphones, but the GI in Google Home is something different. It accepts voice command and do reply it.

If you didn’t access Google Assistant before, or if you are a Google Home user and looking for some interesting commands, Then here some of the 20 useful “Ok Google” command.

  • Open A Website/Blog – “OK Google, Go To”
  • Define A Word – “OK Google, Define [Insert Word]”
  • Message – “OK Google, Text [Contact Name and Message Content]”
  • Camera – “OK Google, Take a picture”
  • Alarm – “OK Google, Set an alarm for [time]”
  • Make a Call – “OK Google, Call [Contact Name]”
  • Calculate Percentages – “OK Google, What’s 23% of 4567”
  • Play Music – “OK Google, Play some music”
  • Next show in Nearby Cinemas – “OK Google, Where is [Move Name] playing?”
  • Distance – “OK Google, How Far is New York City From My Home”
  • Discover Music – “OK Google, What Song is This?”
  • Start Game – “OK Google, Play [solitaire/tic-tac-toe]”
  • Find Your Phone – “OK Google, Find My Phone”
  • Whatsapp –  “OK Google, Send a Whatsapp message to [say contact name].”
  • Translation – “OK Google, Translate [insert word] into Finnish”
  • Flight Times – “OK Google, Is My Flight On Time?”
  • Business Opening Times – “OK Google, Is Pizza Hut Near Me Open Now?”
  • Weather– “OK Google, What’s the weather?” / “Do I need an umbrella today?”
  • Currency – “OK Google, How Much is $100 in INR?”
  • World Time – “OK Google, What time is it in [City/Location]?”
  • Map – “OK Google, Navigate To [Insert Name of Destination]”

Other Essential OK Google commands

  • Open App – “OK Google, Open [App Name]”
  • Go to Website – “OK Google, Go To [Website URL]”
  • Search – “OK Google, Search for [Search Term]”
  • Turn on – “OK Google, Turn [on/off] [Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Flashlight]”
  • Volume Up – “OK Google, Turn the volume up”
  • Volume Down – “OK Google, Turn the volume down”
  • Set Volume – “OK Google, Turn the volume to [number] percent”
  • Silents – “OK Google, Mute the volume”
  • Stock Price – “What is [name] stock price?”
  • Definition – “Define [say the word].”

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