How to Change the Keyboard on Android Smartphone

Find out the steps to change your keyboard on an Android phone. Customization is a gift that every Android phone user gets and you must […]

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IP68 vs IPX8: Which is Better? Waterproof – Dustproof – Water Resistant

Diffrence between IP68 vs IPX8 and a short explanation about Ingress protection or IP ratings. There are certain terms like “dustproof,” “waterproof,” and “water-resistant” that […]

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Google Wifi Mesh 3-pack can cover up to 4,500 sq. ft

Google Wifi Mesh 3-router pack which covers 4,500 sq. ft is now more affordable than ever before As almost all the devices are getting smarter, […]

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Android P release date, features and rumors

Will the next Android be called Pistachio Ice Cream? – Google is working on the way to release its next version of Andriod by August […]

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